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10 Foods Make More Body Fat

Order selection of food is one of the main requirements for those who want to lose weight or just maintain your ideal weight. By maintaining an ideal weight, you should avoid the types of foods that affect blood sugar negatively and only continue to cause hunger.

Here are 10 popular types of foods that can cause your body is easy to accumulate fat reserves:

1. White bread

This is the kind of foods that contain fiber are minimal so it will not keep you full longer. What happens after you eat this bread has shot up in the blood sugar quickly, and soon feel hungry again.

White bread is commonly found in foods like burgers or sandwiches. Besides not contain many nutrients, white bread is often combined with sugar or sweetener to cause an increase in body weight quickly. Expert advice is to choose whole grain bread and less white bread eating habits.

2. Cereals

This food was chosen as a breakfast menu in urban areas. Unfortunately, most products on the market contain sugar cereals are very high, but low nutritional value. In this way, would lead to an accumulation of fat in the body. What often happens after eating cereal, do not feel full stomach, because the cereal does not contain the fiber media.

Even so choose cereals as a food menu, then choose one that is made from wheat 100 percent full. In addition, you can eat oatmeal and add fruit as part of breakfast.

3. Food diet version

Many products are labeled fat low sugar, low or special diets. However, the thing to remember is that these foods contain chemical food additives such as dyes, panambah flavor or artificial sweeteners that have a health risk. Another thing to remember is that these foods are at risk of making blood sugar dropped so quickly feel hungry. More prudent to choose fresh fruit or vegetables instead of eating these foods.

4. Fried chicken

This is a favorite of many people menu. However, do not realize that fried chicken is very high in fat and oil processing to a high temperature. Choose grilled chicken with lean meat.

5. Coffee with a “cream” and sweeteners

The content of calories than a cup of instant coffee, more sugar cream and can reach 800 calories, almost half of their daily needs. Coffee or soft drinks are a source of hidden calories that many of you do not realize that the habit of drinking coffee with sugar and creamer calories to excess body mengasup. For fans of coffee, you are advised to make coffee with sugar and cream wise.

6. Sweets

This is the worst option for those who are slim body. Most candies contain only sweeteners and other food chemicals such as dyes or preservatives. They can also be addictive, sweet does not contain nutritional means also causes the body continues to accumulate reserves of fat.

7. French fries

Potatoes really the kind of low-calorie foods. However, when processed with frying at high temperatures, the higher caloric value. These foods are also often eaten with other high-calorie menus at fast food restaurants, like fried chicken or hamburgers that clearly makes you angry. Even if they have to eat at fast food restaurants, so try not to order fries.

8. “Pastry”, donuts and candy

Food is unable to make the stomach full longer because of the low in fiber. Besides containing many sugar or use a type of corn syrup sweetener high fructose, these foods are made with wheat or corn that has been processed. All these foods can make your blood sugar in the body is growing dramatically and speed up fat deposits.

When mengasup lot of sweet foods, your body produces insulin to control glucose levels in the blood. High glucose causes the body of excess reserves. The glucose is not depleted as energy would be dumped under a layer of meat and skin as fat. Insulin is a hormone that not only reduces blood sugar, but also provide signals to store fat.

9. French fries

No potato chips Sepelekan. Although there was mild, the food is very high in calories, but the nutritional value of zero. The production is the use of high temperatures with the cream and butter, which makes this food very bad. French fries contain preservatives and salt that increases the risk to health.

10. Soft drinks

Soda contains high sugar content. Sugar gives you instant energy and cause the body to release serotonin (a neurotransmitter that improves mood), many are addicted to soda tends berpostur fat.

Researchers at the University of Texas found, increasing the risk of obesity soda on average 32.8 percent, while Diet Coke (diet soda) actually increase the risk of up to 54.5 per percent. In conclusion, diet soda is not always healthy. Most soft drinks contain 250 calories per 600 ml. No content of nutrients or minerals in it, but only the sugar and caffeine.

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