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10 Slim Secrets from Various Countries

Not just for women, men, excess weight may be required to give self-confidence and a feeling of discomfort, but it certainly increases the risk of disease.

The ideal weight is achieved mainly by reducing the caloric expenditure. However, in addition, there are tips you can try to cut around the world below.

1. Thailand
Thai-style dishes belong to the hottest foods in the country where local food is actually no less. Capcaisin in chilli are known to increase metabolism. However, the main advantage of spicy food are making us eat more slowly. Thus, the body more quickly to send signals of satiation to the brain.

2. English
One of the strategies adopted by residents of the United Kingdom is to reduce portion sizes. Therefore, if you happen to be in fast food restaurants in the country, the waiter asks if the fries in a portion of your order is large or small.

3. Brazil
Brazilian people stay lean because they like the traditional meal of rice cooked with red beans. Research in the journal Obesity Research found that the food is not only low in fat but high in fiber.

4. Poland
The majority of Poles spend only 5 percent of their budget in the area. In addition to the healthy, eat together at home is also helpful to improve the bond between families.

5. German
According to the survey, 75 percent of Germans breakfast at home every day. Breakfast menu usually consists of cereal or grain bread intact. Breakfast habits not only make diasup calories during the day a little ‘more, but also helps concentration.

6. Netherlands
The number of bicycles in the Netherlands there are 18 million more than the population that only 16.5 million. However, unlike other countries, people that cycling occasionally, 54 percent of Dutch people to make cycling as part of the routine, for example, for the office or for shopping. The average person taking Dutch Ruti 541 miles each year.

7. India
Yoga is considered as a sport to relieve stress and increase flexibility and strength. In fact, people who practice yoga often have a lower weight than people who do not exercise. Yoga also helps to increase metabolism and self-awareness, including attention to what we eat.

8. Japan
Although famous for his frenetic life of its citizens a high level, but always set aside 20-30 minutes to take a nap. Enough sleep is known to be useful to suppress the hunger hormone, or leptin.Less and less hours of sleep, the higher levels of leptin and ghrelin.

9. Mexico
Mexicans usually eat large meals during the day, namely at 14.00 until 16.00 hours, and reduce the size of the meal in the evening.

10. France
According to the survey, 92 per cent of households in France at the family table every day. At lunch it’s time to communicate.Therefore, they also fill out the meal with the conversation. This strategy proved to be an effect on diasup food. In other words, how to speak, eat less.

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