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10 The Fall Cause Female Libido

Sex therapist and author of Sex Matters “®, Louanne Cole Weston, PhD, presents 10 reasons or causes are most often experienced by women, his wife or girlfriend when they become excited or refuse to have sex:

1. Stress. A variety of pressures, financial problems, education, stress, family and other problems in life does not matter. When stress increases, many women can not choose sex as a solution to it easily.

2. The use of antidepressants. Not all women will decrease their passion, but most experience.

3. Breastfeeding. When the wife of nursing period, the content of prolactin (hormone that triggers milk production) may reduce sexual desire.

4. The lack of sleep. For most women, sleep was better known than sex when previous relationships with men.

5. The use of contraceptives. Some women experience decreased sexual desire or desire konsumi pill (or other types of hormonal treatment for birth control, such as patches, rings, or injections).

6. Dispute with your spouse. Any connection or relationship, of course, face the challenge of any conflict or even desire. This will affect a woman’s desire to make love.

7. Low levels of testosterone. Testosterone is also present in the female body and the levels in total blood flow also determine the sexual function of women. Measuring levels of testosterone in the body is also important to reveal possible physiological causes of low female sexual desire.

8. Tinggnya hormone SHBG. Women memiilki SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) in large quantities are not very happy to have sex. SHBG is a protein that bind testosterone and makes it available to the needs of the female body. This will reduce the female libido.

9. Fears and anxiety in private. The inability to control the level of intimacy that come and stay in a relationship is the reason that often arise from decreased sex couples. Anxiety usually occurs because women never have the experience of workers in the past.

10. Appearance / body shape. Women who are or are deemed unattractive or good for the couple may lose confidence that leads to decreased arousal.

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