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Various Causes Headaches

Most of the people whose names never felt what a headache, although the data show that nearly 90% of the population had experienced headaches once or twice a year. Even the headaches become the second biggest reason why people visit a doctor.

Headaches have a variety of species and a variety of causes. To determine how the course management, we must know some types of headaches include:
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Maintaining Sperm Health Tips

For the couple, the presence of children is one that is eagerly awaited. But not all couples can be easily equipped with the baby.There’s a new month of pregnancy immediately married, some are waiting until the year. Bernie Zilbergeld, PhD, a sex therapist and author of The New Male Sexuality mention that often the impossibility of having a baby through no fault of women or men who are less good at making love, but because the conditions are less healthy sperm.
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Error In Beauty Care

Being pretty is a big dream as a woman. Various methods are used to make this happen, from body care, exercise, diet, and so on. Unfortunately, there are some errors that may go unnoticed, but usually done by women to the process of beauty treatments to be less than optimal.

1. Haircuts are always fixed model

Many women already feel comfortable with your hair to keep it within a period of many years. We recommend making small changes in the model for haircut that looks cooler in general.
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Know More About Stroke

Cerebrovascular accident (stroke = English) is a situation that suddenly interrupts the blood supply to part of the brain. In brain tissue, reduced blood flow can cause a series of biochemical reactions that can damage and even kill nerve cells in the brain.With death occurring in the brain tissue will be able to remove or destroy the function of which is controlled by the network. Besides causing death, a stroke could be saved if patients sometimes suffer from paralysis of limbs, loss of speech or partial loss of memory.

The first bout of motion sickness is only attacking the elderly.However, today there is a trend that threatens to hit a girl under age 45 or older. A stroke can affect anyone regardless of age, occupation or socioeconomic level.

In the United States and Europe Stroke is the No. 3 cause of death. While in the world, stroke is a disease of the number 3, which resulted in death after heart disease and cancer. Even according to the 2004 survey, the stroke is the number 1 killer in public hospitals across Indonesia.
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