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4 Identify Food Headache Triggers

Headaches or migraines are the most common form of the disease and experienced by everyone. Many factors can trigger headaches, such as sinusitis, stress and mental tension. But did you know that diet or the consumption of certain foods is also an important contribution to this condition.

Dr Sunita Dube diet experts agree with the opinion that the foods can cause headaches. ”In addition to family history of migraines and stress, food can account for 30 percent as a cause of migraines. However, other conditions such as hormonal changes, stress, sleep habits, and depression, but a higher percentage is,” he said .

The experts say, is one of the reasons the most common causes of headaches are sudden diet changes (transition to a very low calorie diet).

“It can cause headaches, especially if your diet by reducing or eliminating carbohydrates completely. Because the brains can only use carbohydrates as fuel,” said Niri Desai, nutrition consultant.

He added: “If you start skipping meals, this condition will cause headaches. Even a very low water absorption may cause a headache.”

The experts concluded, tyramine (a kind of amino acids) as the main cause of headaches. Tyramine found in certain foods. This substance works by reducing the level of serotonin in the brains and affect blood vessel dilation.

Here are some foods and drinks that trigger headaches can tyramine content in:

1. Aperitif

Researchers say that red wine contains tyramine. Red wine contains fitomkimia called phenols, which are a cause of headache. For some people, eating certain types of alcohol can cause a migraine. Other compounds in beer, whiskey and wine can also deplete levels of serotonin (the calming hormone) in the brains which ultimately lead to a migraine.

2. Chocolate

Chocolate can also lead to the development of a migraine, because it contains tyramine. The total consumption of chocolate can be a problem, because in migraine patients with a high-fat diets usually more headaches.

3. Coffee

“Coffee is a mild addictive substances and can increase mental alertness and concentration. Stop drinking coffee at once can often cause headaches, irritability and other symptoms,” said Dr. Nupur Krishnan, clinical nutritionist.

4. Sugar
Important natural sugars, meaning that all plants and animals store chemical energy in the form of sugar. All types of natural sugars have the same energy value, which is about 4 calories per gram. Natural sugars are relatively better than the chemical sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Desai said, just a few of the people who are intolerant to the sugar headache.However, the case of a greater amount of headaches in people who are intolerant of the sweetener aspartame. So, if you frequently experience headaches or migraines due to diet or a diet, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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