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4 Reasons Need “Snacking” Nuts

Several studies have been conducted and the results were the same: regular peanut consumption helps to prevent heart disease. But not too far because there are too many snack nutscan lead to obesity. Quite a handful a day.

The combination of four large-scale study conducted on 170,000men and women showed, snacks notes the risk of a heart attackto reduce by 35 percent.

In addition to the heart, nuts are also many advantages.

1. glut
Want a healthy snack and filling to make, consider the pistachionuts. In one ounce (28.35 grams equals) pistachio nuts contains 160 calories. Protein content is high enough, so the longersatisfy.

2. Contain healthy fats
Fat in nuts is unsaturated fatty acids, fats that are categorized asgood for health. Nuts are also recommended as a source of omega-3 than fish.

3. streamline
If smart is your goal, try to snack almonds. Reports in the WebMDsite states, although the same amount of calories, almonds havethe effect of weight loss.

4. full of antioxidants
Savory and sweet flavors became popular peanut reasons. In fact, it is no less important than the notes are antioxidants that areheart disease and cancer can occur.

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