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5 Mistakes Muscle Shaping

Almost all the tips to increase muscle mass you have tried, as the maintenance diet, regular exercise at the gym, even with running every day, but somehow solid muscular body is desirable not yet materialized.

“Without minimizing in any business that has been done, if they do some bad habits, the ideal body shape would be difficult to achieve,” said Nick Mitchell, the best personal trainer in London in 2010 by Time Out magazine.

Thus, according to Mitchell is 5 reasons why I still do not have a good physical shape.

too much fruit
The fruit is healthy, but that does not mean that it is their staple food. Sugar derived from fruit (fructose) can increase levels of insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas to stimulate the muscle fructose is stored as energy reserves (glycogen).

If excessive levels of fructose, metabolic disorders that occur because glication process, namely, binding to fructose, amino acids and fat metabolism lead to increased deposits and the aging process.

Some opinions say that a little exercise and calorie restriction is sufficient to maintain ideal weight is maintained. But if the desire is strong and muscular body style cover men’s health magazine, then you should not get lazy. Fitness exercise every day. There are even some people who need to exercise twice a day. To show maximum requires maximum effort.

Too obsessed
There are subtle differences between the dedication and obsession. The first thing you need to change the physical appearance, the latter will spread the plan due to elevated levels of cortisol damages the condition of the entire body. What is really needed is a focus on practice time in training, but outside you can afford to relax.

Less weight training
effective weight training to build muscle. But you still have to understand the tricks to do so. Choose a fairly heavy weight training and doing repetitions in several sets of little by little each week. For example, this week to make 6 games, then in 12 games next week, then 5, 8, 4, and again at 6 games.

Hormone disruption
If you are too stressed out, lack of sleep, eat mostly sugar and had no time to spare, it will be difficult to achieve ideal body shape. If you can not control the hormones, would be useless in the gym which was never need to. More information about the hormone insulin, cortisol, growth hormone and testosterone, as well as the best way to optimize your natural production. If necessary, consult a doctor.

Less well-planned
The benefits of training with a professional coach will be greater than the practice itself. Besides the best-planned programs, instructors can also pump the spirit of the time to start to get bored with routine.

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