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6 Ways Not To Die Sex Passion

The sex life is an important part of the marital relationship. Not be allowed to fade and disappear. We need more efforts to avoid stagnation that can lead to relationship problems couples have their roots in the life of husband and wife without sex.

In general, most people are embracing the idea that sex is only increased in the early years of marriage, then gradually faded. It is then rooted and entrenched in the minds of each pair. And, indeed, passionate sex life can continue.

Patricia Love, author of The Truth About Love: The maximum, minimum, and how you can make it last forever reveals 6 Tips to make your sex life the couple continued to burn and not die.

Royal touch of affection
A touch of couples making love feel comfortable going to him, and giving the couple closer together, more active endorphins that make them feel more calm and connected. Couples who have sex are still active and happy, not only limit the expression of physical affection in the room, a little PDA (public displays of affection) in the limit of decency is still understandable, really. It is important to remember that thirst is also a touch of affection as a woman.

Today, it seems that it’s time to leave you indifferent and careless with their appearance. Mother-housewife, now I understand the look as attractive as before marriage was important. Not only the physical aspect, but the basic rules of an attractive woman must be protected. Example, the interesting attitude, a little daring, loving attention, to surprise him from time to time, keep your posture and sexy smile. Keep all personal hygiene. When you feel sexy shine.When you feel confident, you will see how to be sexy. Win-win, right?

Sensitive to the needs of partners
One of the reasons couples stop having sex is when one of them feel connected. If one of them has a high passion, the man does not need much attention to swell. But if one of them has decreased libido, arousal, attention may be needed. Consider the needs of excitatory stimuli and spouse, and try a desirable romantic partner, even though it was only in the form made him a cup of afternoon tea, straightening his tie in the morning hahri, whatever made him feel loved.

Responsible for their own orgasms
That does not mean you have to reach orgasm alone. But instead of taking the initiative to guide you to give an orgasm.Communicating what are the things you love to play or wants to do in your body. You should also know that women aged 20 to 30 years can have a sense of satisfaction only through penetration.This response occurs due to the release of oxytocin. When the vulva and vagina stretched across the entrance of the penis, it will give an energy boost similar to the feeling of orgasm.Consequently, women do not always feel the need to reach climax.Therefore, depending on the woman if her orgasm or not. When you can not reach orgasm, also note, not all the fault of the spouse who can not help you reach orgasm. Most of the factors to achieve orgasm is the woman’s head. The most important thing is to avoid miscommunication.

Equally satisfactory
Many sexual positions that helped him reach the top, but do not provide sexual stimulation for women. Few women can achieve orgasm only through intercourse alone. Most women need a manual or oral stimulation, or a certain position, whereas stimulation of the clitoris. Therefore, do not hesitate to try different positions in different experiments if it is satisfactory to both parties.

Do not be rigid
Sometimes by trying new things will make you and him out of the routine and open up new challenges. No need too excited, just looking for things about you and can make you feel comfortable.Even the most trivial things such as change of hairstyle alone could mean something, especially if the pieces that make you look sexy.Or for example, if you normally and had sex with the lights off, occasionally let the light is on. The most easy to relocate. Finding new places for sex can mean a lot. For example, in the other rooms in the house, cars, living room, or wherever, provided they do not disturb others, could be an option. Then start to explore how to stimulate, for example, began to beat her in the places of the ordinary, such as the neck, collarbone, shoulder, hand, and others.

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