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7 Steps to Have a Beautiful Legs

You should not take lightly the foot hygiene and health problems.Because they often are in a closed state, the feet also became a favorite place for bacteria and fungi that can cause bad odor.
The feet are also included as part of the body that has the driest skin. That’s why the problem of cracking at the heel of the foot, including the problem that many people with experience. In England, one third of the population is estimated that the skin cracked heels.
Cracked skin on the heel means that the skin in a state of dehydration. That’s why the best way to prevent this is to hold moisture. These are the steps foot care is knowing that you are the safer way.
1. Remove dead skin
The thickening of the skin caused by pressure or friction on the foot of the ongoing thickening that formed in the heel, hand or palm. If left too long calluses form.
The best way to prevent skin thickening routinely remove dead skin cells with sandpaper like railway leg and immediately apply a moisturizer.
2. Adjust your diet
What we eat turned out to have an influence on the health of your nails. If your nails look dry and cracked, perhaps the lack of fat and vitamins. Inadequate vitamin B12, C, E, zinc and biotin. The lack of these chemicals that your nails look broken and irregular color, and break easily.
3. Choose shoes that fit
Do not just choose a shoe based on the model or color.Comfortable shoes are not only pleasing to the street, but also make your feet healthy. Shoes by the front is too narrow can also cause swelling of fingers or calluses.
4. Cut the nails properly
In the nail, cut a good technique is vital. Avoid using scissors to cut nails, use nail clippers. Avoid cutting nails too short or do their nails into the skin.
5. Beware of yellow nails
Yellow nails can occur because too often use dark nail polish. To not wear nail polish to a break of a month. If yellow is not lost, perhaps an indication of onychomycosis, a fungal infection. If untreated, infection can cause the nail hard, brittle and break easily.
6. Wet skin
Make your skin stay moist and do foot scrubs regularly will prevent hard skin, corns, or as a result fish eyes. If your feet are very dry skin, try applying the cream every night. Skin moisturizer that contains urea which causes the bound water in the layers of callus tissue is recommended to prevent dryness.
7. Always dry
Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that often occurs because the feet are often wet conditions. Avoided by a foot in dry conditions, changing socks often, and do not wear wet socks.

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