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Every human being needs to eat to fill the energy and effort was in vain. Yet many people are ignorant and do not pay attention to what happens in the mouth. Although food plays an important role not only for overcoming hunger, but also its role in improving health. In summary, we have to be smart to choose foods that are good for the body.

The following are the eight types of foods you should consume each day, as quoted menshealth:


You seem to be modeled after the cartoon character Popeye ate spinach hooked. Spinach has a very important role in building muscle as a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and folic acid, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis. Surprisingly, folic acid may also increase blood flow to the bottom of your body, so helping to protect against problems related to sexual abuse. Spinach is also rich in lutein, a compound that can fight against macular degeneration (damage to eye tissue).


Fermented beverages are very good health to support overall health. Yogurt contains hundreds of millions of probiotic organisms (good bekteri) that serve as reinforcements in the face of bad bacteria in your body. Yogurt also helps improve your immune system and protect against cancer.


The red color in the skin of tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene. For best results, you should cook the tomatoes before eating them. Because the tomatoes are cooked more easily absorbed by the body. Studies show that diets rich in lycopene may reduce the risk of bladder cancer, lung, prostate, skin cancer, and stomach cancer as well as reducing the risk of coronary artery disease. If you do not really like tomatoes, can menggantinnya with watermelon red, Japanese persimmon, papaya, guava.


Carrots are not only good for maintaining eye health, but also reduces cancer risk and severity due to inflammation such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. As an alternative to replacement, you can eat sweet potatoes, squash, peppers and mango.

5.Black beans

All types of nuts in general are good for heart health. However, the black bean has properties that do not have any other bean, ie, increase brain power. Black beans are rich in anthocyanins – antioxidant compound used to improve brain function. On a day just to eat half a cup of black beans (8 grams of protein and 7.5 grams of fiber). Black beans are low in calories and saturated fat, so do not be afraid to eat.

6. Nut

Did you know that real nuts contain omega-3 than salmon. Diets rich in omega-3 has been shown to improve heart health, prevent stroke and hypertension.


The benefits of oatmeal are very important for diabetics to help regulate sugar levels in the blood. The results of research in Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that beta-glucan from oats can help prevent the onset of elevated blood sugar in diabetics dramatically after eating.
Another study by researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center also prove a similar result. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine indicated that high-fiber foods (such as beta-glucan from oats) may help regulate levels of blood sugar in diabetics. There are actually many more benefits of oats, for example, for heart health, reduces koleterol, and improve brain function.
8. Blueberries

The high content of antioxidants in cranberries that these foods are known as the main enemy of cancer. In fact, some studies suggest that cranberries are rich in fiber, vitamins A and C. If you have trouble getting him not to worry, you can replace it with acai berry, angggur, raisins and strawberries.

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