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8 Reasons Why Should Make Your Own Baby Food

Making baby food is delicate, so many mothers may tend to prefer to buy food for infants in the form of fast food (instant) at the mall or supermarket rather than do it themselves.

Make your own baby food can actually be the first step to ensure you get the nutrients your baby as needed. Should not hesitate to enter. The following are eight secrets for mothers to know when to make food for their babies:

1. In the control of

“When you make your own baby food, you decide what you are allowed to enter, so you know that the food is fresh and healthy,” said Karen Ansel, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and the Diet and author of The Baby & Toddler Cookbook. Ansel said also make your own baby food that would be much better than store bought. It would also be a better experience for you and your baby.

2. More nutritious

Ansel said, while baby food purchased at a store that food is cooked at high temperatures to kill bacteria, not kill the vitamin, but it might just be able to change the mineral content. A recent study published in the journal Food Chemistry, shows, baby food available in health food stores mengadung less than 20 percent of minerals and trace elements is recommended. In fact, a lot of baby food available in stores also contain starch, additives and preservatives and do not use organic ingredients, so it puts your baby at risk of contamination with harmful pesticides .

3. Many options

Some baby foods do offer interesting combination, but when you make your own, you can have food choices. You can also create multiple variations of food texture. When a baby between the ages of 9 months, you can add different herbs and spices to add flavor.

“With all the talk or introduce a different taste a baby, your baby will eat better. By not giving your baby the same foods over and over again their languages ​​become more flexible,” said Ansel.

4. Not something that’s embarrassing

Make your own baby food does not need to take some time. If you do it in bulk and store in the refrigerator, you spend a few hours each week to prepare food. When your baby is 7 months, all fruits (except apples) can be given by means of crushed or ground without cooking.

5. Infants to prevent feeding picky

“Making your own baby food, can reduce the chances of the baby is growing as a difficult eater (not difficult),” Huber said. Meanwhile, Ansel adds, as long as parents continue to give their baby a wide variety of foods for a long time baby will eat well and not just a lover of certain foods.

6. Teaching children to eat vegetables

“We do not want a country full of 18 who have never realized that they never ate broccoli before,” said Catherine McCord, founder McCord said, if you can make the baby feel likeeating fruits and vegetables, the future, it will be able to enjoy it.

7. Meals a moment of happiness

“Parents are the number one influence in shaping children’s eating habits,” said Ansel. When the transition from child to young child, you can create a variety of healthy foods for children and spend time with baby. Eat with your baby several times a week, or let them select a few pieces of vegetables, it will become easier for her love of vegetables at a later date.

8. Rarely allowed to buy food

You can not always be able to produce their own food for your baby, so it does not matter if at some point you intend to buy baby food.Be sure to read the label, because all brands contain the same food as much as possible and look for organic to avoid pesticides.

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