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9 Potions Overcome Hepatitis

If this does not help, inflammation of the liver, which is popularly known as hepatitis cause death. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver tissue. The disease is known as liver disease or jaundice. However, the duration of this confusion because not all jaundice jaundice caused by liver inflammation.

Of the many factors that the virus was first ranked as the cause of most disease hepatitis. Others may be caused by bacteria, parasites, drugs, chemicals that damage the liver, alcohol, worms, or poor nutrition.

According to DR. Dr. Julitasari Sundoro, based upon the course of the disease, hepatitis can be divided into acute and chronic.Called as chronic hepatitis is still there after six months. There are five types of viral hepatitis, namely hepatitis A (VHA), hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV or non-A non-B parenteral), hepatitis D virus (VHD), and hepatitis E virus (VHE or non-A non-B enteric). Besides a number of viruses that, even now there is a hepatitis virus AE F and G. Causes

Prof. H. Ali Suleiman, Professor of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine, said the hepatitis patients already on prodormal phase (before the body turns yellow), usually the symptoms of weakness, fatigue, lethargy, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, discomfort and pain in the abdomen, fever and sometimes chills, headache, joint pain, stiffness in the whole body, especially the hips and shoulders, and diarrhea. Sometimes people like cold and a sore throat with or without cough.
When the phase of the yellow (jaundice) is reached, the patient will see a yellow urine is concentrated, such as tea. In addition, the whites of the eyes, mucous membrane of the palate, and skin yellow. And if there are obstacles to the flow of bile into the intestine, the stool will be pale as putty (acholis droppings).
Symptomatic, but not all symptoms of hepatitis, as already mentioned. Patients with hepatitis have no symptoms at all or maybe only mild symptoms, and there are really heavy in a short time later dead end.
So, we should be careful. Besides the always accustomed to leading a healthy lifestyle, make regular checks to the doctor. If the known liver disease, a doctor will prescribe.

Treatment by a physician, according to Dr. Dalimartha Setiawan, is generally symptomatic, ie, to relieve the symptoms of diseases other than as a therapy that the survival of liver function helps create.

These drugs generally hepatoprotektor (protects liver cells against the effects of toxic substances that can damage repair and regeneration), lipotropik (increasing the mobility of fat in the liver), kholeretik (increased production of bile by the liver), andkholagogum (increase emptying of the gallbladder and runs into the duodenum).

Medicinal plant materials to help improve the liver function is usually hepatoprotective. The ingredients are curcumin from ginger and turmeric, filantin of meniran, silymarin from widuran, aukubin of the leaf spoon, glycyrrhisic acid may be obtained from the saga, essential oils of garlic, krisofanol rhubarb, gingerol from ginger, wedelolakton of urang - aring, andrografolid bitter and sianidol of tannins.

Some examples of herbal plants, herbs, many prescription drugs, one of Dr. Dalimartha Setiawan, useful for improving liver function. Some of them served as the ingredients are readily available. However, the patient should continue to consult with your doctor when using these recipes:

Material Potions 1 - brotowali sticks a finger – three glasses of water – one tablespoon of honey brotowali The Wash and cut stem pieces as necessary. Boil three cups of water until remaining one glasses. Once cool, strain and add a spoonful of honey. Drink twice a day, every half a glass.

Material Potions 2 – 9 to 15 grams of the dried stem bugenfil – three glasses of water – one tablespoon of honey How do you after cleaning, cut into thin sticks bugenfil. Enter your email in the pan, as well as three glasses of water. Cook until the water is still a spectacle. Once cool, strain. Drink filtered water after adding honey. Filtered water twice daily, morning and afternoon, each half a glass.

Material Potion 3 – handful of fresh leaves of bitter melon – a cup of boiled water – salt to taste How to make Wash and rinse the leaves with boiled water Pare. Tumbuklah leaves until smooth with a plus one cup of water. Stir well and add a little salt. Strain the herbs and drink in the morning before eating. Note: This recipe should not be used during pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage.

Material Potions 4 – two ripe tomatoes – sugar to taste How to make after washing, cutting, cut the tomatoes as juice. However, if you do not have the tools, the fruit can be boiled with water.After cooking, crushed or milled and then blackmailed. Sediki added sugar juice and drink twice a day.

Material Potions 5 – three or a handful of ripe noni fruit Noni skin – a piece of banana leaf – a piece of cloth – vinegar How noni fruit are washed and rinsed with boiled water. Grate and squeeze it with a cloth. Juice drinks. Method II for external use, crushed noni skin then stirred with a little vinegar. Wrap mixture with banana leaves. Warming briefly over a flame or steamed. In the case of heat, the package on the upper right abdomen, the liver was swollen and painful.

Material Potions 6- a tablespoon of papaya seeds – three fingers mengkal papaya – Honey to taste How Seeds and fruits blended or pureed papaya seeds until chopped during fruit. The dough is rolled into a plus honey to taste, then drink. Note: Pregnant women are prohibited from taking this herb because it can cause miscarriage.

Material Potions 7 – How do you taste fresh carrot carrots cleaned and washed with boiled water. Cut as needed and to make juice. Can also be grated carrots and the results are printed, then filtered to collect a glass. Carrot juice can be drunk directly. Note: Most eating carrots can cause color to yellow. If that happens, stop taking herbs for a while. Skin color returned to normal.

Material Potion 8 – two fingers of fresh ginger rhizome – honey to taste how a rhizome of the ginger, peeled, washed then make.Rinse with boiled water and then fragmented. Add half cup of warm water and a tablespoon of honey. Toss well, then squeeze and strain. Drink filtered water a day twice a day.

Material Potion 9 – a finger turmeric rhizome – a tablespoon of honey How turmeric rhizome is washed and shredded to make.Add a little water on the grater. Grated and then filtered and add honey. Drink three times a day.

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