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A comprehensive, step-by-four pounds to lose your stubborn and display of abs of steel.

Everyone will tell you: lose weight is one thing, to sculpt a muscular body as dry as that of Bruce Lee is another. This is why we do not confuse Karl Lagerfeld and Bruce … If it were enough to make a plan to get rid of love handles and belly fat her, men would all chocolate bars for Christmas .

Problem: the more one becomes thinner, the most recent fat reserves are recalcitrant. Simple rule of self-defense, since our bodies are designed to protect its fat reserves in case the food would run out. But what was necessary for our ancestors became totally useless to Western man of twenty-first century. The secret to disable this feature of self-defense? Boost your metabolism.

Whatever exercise you choose, you can not burn more than a certain amount of fat in a given time. Research shows that the more you practice, the more our tolerance to physical exercise increases. In fact, over time, the same amount of effort will burn fewer calories. To avoid weight gain due to age, a jogger has to increase his weekly running distance of 2.7 kilometers per year.

To burn the fat over time, our program proposes to raise the melting and do cardiovascular workouts. By combining properly THEEXERCISES, series, rehearsals, break times and the correct method of cardio, you can at each sitting, burning as many calories as jogging for one of six kilometers. And most importantly, you will release a flood of hormones that eating fat will boost your metabolism for hours afterwards. Result: your internal boiler operates at the bottom and burns fat all day … even when you’re sprawled on the sofa.

Step by step, here is the ideal workout to boost your metabolism.

• Make sets of 8 to 15 repetitions.
Repeat movement in most of your abilities you may give the impression of being big guy, but if you do not want to look like Hulk, it’s best to keep you. Research has shown that the sets of 8 to 15 repetitions stimulate the production of fat-burning hormones much more than number of repetitions lower or higher.

But beware: the weight to be lifted must match your abilities. Repeat 8 times a movement with a weight you could lift 15 times will not be used much, since it will match only 50% of the efforts that your muscles are actually capable of providing. You must give 90 to 100% of your capacity to each series. Have something for you to assess: test different weights. Once you start to fight to the last repetition is that you have found the right!

• Do 2-4 sets of each exercise.
There is no need to do too much to raise its metabolism. The fat-burning hormones increase immediately after the first round. In addition to further increases hormone levels but to a certain threshold beyond which it happens nothing. Make 4 or 6 sets of each movement is therefore the same! To accelerate fat burning, we must make between two and four sets of each exercise, depending on your level of sport. For example: it is better to limit it to 2 if you are just starting training and increase the number of series over time. After all, you are there to lose fat, not exhaust yourself.

• Do not over 75 second pause between each series
In general, in the gym, break times vary with the level of your chat partner muscle. However, by following this rule of 75 seconds to break up, you speed up your fat loss. How does it work? Sets of 8 to 15 repetitions generate an accumulation of lactic acid in the blood. This increase is associated with increased fat-burning hormones. However, too many long breaks between sets allow oxygen to rid the blood of lactic acid. Make very short breaks instead allows the blood to keep a high concentration, therefore a high concentration of fat-burning hormones too. So you burn more during periods of inactivity.

• Make work your whole body
Raising your metabolism after exercise is directly related to the number of muscles that are stressed simultaneously. We must therefore focus on movements that work several muscles, not those who focused on a muscle or muscle group limited. Thus, your metabolism will be stimulated more if you do 10 squats if you work an isolated area, such as 10 bicep curls.

Work the whole body at each session allows for a maximum working muscles. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin (USA) have shown that men with a session of three exercises targeting major muscle groups 3 – bench press, power clean (dynamic linking of a dead lift and a vertical circulation ) and squat – had a higher metabolism and also burned a greater percentage of fat during the 39 hours following the meeting that the group that did not work the whole body. The message is clear: do your weight training sessions that mobilize the whole body 3 times a week, pausing for a day between each session, and your metabolism will remain permanently overboosted mode.

• Alternate the exercises
No need to spend too much time in the gym! Each series of a movement, pause and then continue with a series that solicits muscles that have not worked during the previous move, and again made a break. For example: you can associate an exercise that works the upper body with an exercise that focuses on the bottom or an exercise that works the muscles of the torso with an exercise that targets those back. Once you have performed a series of each, repeat the process until you reach your quota on the two movements.

This method of “alternating series” allows a group of muscles to rest while the next is applied and vice versa. Interest? Limit the pause time and thus keep a high lactic acid levels in the blood while allowing separate muscle groups to recover. This is a good strategy that allows both to work for a short time, to compensate for fatigue and assure you to give as much of yourself to each series.

• Watch your speed
Remember the goal is to work your muscles as much as possible to each series. For this you need to control the rate at which you lift the weights. By performing an exercise too quickly – for example by lowering you and you falling too quickly during a squat – moving the tension in your muscles your tendons. And soliciting your tendons instead of muscles does not have the desired effect on metabolism.

In general, count three seconds to lower a weight, and Pauses one second before lifting. This removes the elastic energy, which helps the muscle to “bounce back”, and therefore seeks your muscles up with each movement.

• Continue with sprints
Of course, jogging burns calories. However, if you unrégime – which is preferable if you want us to see your abs in chocolate – studies show that distance running does not have the biggest impact on fat loss. The reason is simple: do aerobic-type exercises boost the metabolism after the session. However, the cardio can be very useful and complementary, but in some form. Do not hesitate to practice what the Americans call the HIIT (for Training in Intensive Intervales).

During a race of normal intensity, placing regular sprints of 30 seconds faster in the loss of fat. These sprints are comparable to the gym since a 200 meter sprint great burden on lower-body muscles for thirty seconds or as much as a series of eight squats. Conclusion: the days you do not raise your iron, so make some alternations race / sprint … and you will contribute even more to increase your metabolism.

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