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Acupuncture safe for kids

The use of acupuncture as an alternative treatment method to help overcome the health problems of children has not done much in the country.
Therapies that are part of traditional medicine Tingkok not seem a bit scary for the patient.Because the treatment uses small needles are inserted into the skin at some point.
Although the creepy looks, this method of treatment was evaluated tradisionel safe for children. Canadian experts published in the online edition of the journal Pediatrics, Monday (21/11) suggested acupuncture is relatively safe for children as long as it’s done through good and well-trained practitioners.
Conclusion was voiced researchers at the University of Alberta after reading data from 37 studies of acupuncture for 60 years. These studies included children from birth until the age of 17 years and explores the relationship between acupuncture and a variety of issues concerning the bad effects on children.
They found, from 279 cases identified, 253 mild, 25 moderate and one of its serious nature. Serious effects include bleeding, infection and heart and lung problems.
But researchers said the serious consequences that occur on sub-standard conditions of care, and not a result of acupuncture technique itself. The researchers conclude, in the hands of skilled staff, acupuncture therapy in children is safe.
Acupuncture itself has been present for thousands of years ago, and the traditional Chinese theory, the placement of the needle helps balance the body’s energy flow, called “qi”. Acupuncture is often used for a variety of complaints such as headaches, migraines, back and joint pain, cramps and nausea caused by chemotherapy treatment. In the United States, the practice of acupuncture in children’s done with some estimates reaching 150,000 children per year.

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