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Age Men More Short than Women’s

Compared to women, the male life expectancy is shorter. In fact, according to a study by researchers from the European Union, is really only a small number of men who reach the age of 65. This condition is according to experts due to lifestyle and bad men, such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

The study indicates that nearly 630 000 people die annually in the EU from unhealthy lifestyles. Meanwhile, the death rate among women is only half, about 300,000 lives each year.

Dr Richard de Visser, of Sussex University said the lifestyle is not the only trigger for premature death. He said those with low incomes are also included in the risk group because of the general lack of healthy food intake, lack of exercise are more likely to smoke and use drugs.

To overcome the premature death among men, Visser said, there must be an awareness of yourself to a change in lifestyle that can damage health.

Meanwhile, Dr Ian Banks, President of Europa Men’s Health Forum was concerned about this situation. ”It’s not just on health. Premature death, men would have on the economy, family, woman (wife), the weakening of social security and health care.”

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