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Antibiotics can cause allergies

Besides side effects, a number of people who experience allergic reactions after taking antibiotics. If someone had known previously allergic to certain antibiotics, it certainly will not be given to these antibiotics.

Allergic reactions caused may vary. The most common is itching or hives. Dangerous, if there is edema, or swelling of the throat that makes someone like suffocation.

Other reactions, there is a trigger asthma symptoms such as shortness of breath. Other serious reactions are Steven Johnson syndrome, which causes the entire surface of the patient’s skin inflamed. Even then emerge as chickenpox blisters all over his body. If this occurs, the patient should be treated immediately, because the situation was an emergency. However, the most extreme anaphylactic shock appears to lead to death.

penicillin group of antibiotics referred to by Dr.J.Hudyono, MS.Sp.Ok often cause allergies. Therefore, physicians more willing to penicillin when the patient was in hospital having the tools to emergencies.

Taking into account the possible side effects, including allergic reactions and damage resistant, Dr.Hudyono giving advice before taking antibiotics.

1. The consumption of antibiotics as prescribed by doctors for both dose and duration.

2. Include all the information your doctor if you have a history of allergy to antibiotics.

3. Do not take the initiative to use antibiotics on their own will because of the disease is not necessarily the same as the above diseases.

4. Do not give antibiotics to family members while their cases are very similar. Antibiotics are not necessarily appropriate for them. Especially if family members have allergies that could endanger themselves.

5. Do not request antibiotics to doctors. Remember, antibiotics used for bacterial infections, not viral infections. So if the flu caused by viruses, does not need antibiotics.

6. Changing the mindset of any disease, if not given antibiotics can not cure. The truth is that antibiotics are used in accordance with the bacteria that infected him.

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