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Before Pregnant Expectant Mother Should Nutrition Fair

Poor nutrition in pregnant women can have an impact on the health of mother and the fetus also, both in the short term or long term. Therefore, before the pregnancy a woman should have a good nutritional status.

“If pre-pregnancy maternal malnutrition during pregnancy and not repaired, the child may be born with low birth weight. In the future, the child has a variety of chronic disease risk,” said dr.Saptawati Bardosono, the Department of of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, Indonesia.

He explains, malnutrition in mothers can be classified into two types, namely malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies.Malnutrition is associated with a lack of energy intake, especially proteins and carbohydrates, the food in a long time. As a result, the mother will experience less severe illnesses.

Meanwhile, micronutrient deficiency is the lack of intake of specific micro-substances necessary for growth and organ function. ”For example, a lack of calcium bone and teeth affect, or a lack of iron can lead to high blood pressure and bleeding during childbirth,” said one of the speakers at the seminar by Nutricia diadalah Early Life Nutrition in Jakarta some time ago .

So, know the nutritional status of a mother? ”The simplest is weighed on a regular basis. The size of a normal body mass index for the Asia-Pacific 18.5 to 22.9,” Sutanto said dr.Lusiana B., Sp.GK, the same opportunity.

Added by Saptawati, for those in rural areas or have no scales, can also do upper arm circumference measurements. ”If less than 23 cm means less food due to lack of energy reserves in the body,” he added.

To measure micronutrients can be done in the clinic or midwife.”The most important measure levels of hemoglobin, pre-pregnancy levels at least 12, while 11 pregnancies. If there are less than those reported for anemia,” said Saptawati.

Meet the nutrient, according to him, not only during pregnancy, but started as a baby. ”Nutrition is a cycle, which must be satisfied at all times not just once,” he said.

At the age of infant nutritional needs met by breast milk, and then after the kids to get additional food, the feeding is complete and balanced diet including fruits and vegetables. This healthy diet must continue into adulthood, so that later when entering their reproductive age are well nourished and ready to give birth to healthy children.

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