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Black Beer More Healthy

During this period, the beer has a bad reputation and always have a negative outlook. In fact, if you explore further, drinkingbeer is not always a negative effect. According to Dr. MannyAlvarez, the beer has a number of natural antioxidants andvitamins that can help prevent heart disease and even rebuild themuscle.

Although it has some hidden health benefits, you should still be wise to take them. Why, all that is excessive the result would not be good.

According to Alvarez, with beer, a person should not feel worried about dehydration. In fact, some things to keep in mind is beeractually contains 93 percent water. In fact, according to a study in Spain, the beer can actually provide a better hydration of H2O.

So, what kind of beer is good for you? To get health benefits,dark beer is the best choice. According to Manny, dark beerstend to have antioxidant among other types of beer that helps repair damaged cells in the body naturally.

A recent study published in the Journal of the Science of Foodand Agriculture has also found that dark beer has a higher iron content than lighter beers. Iron is an essential mineral that is important for the body and have a lot of roles, including carrying oxygen from the lungs to the rest of our body.

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