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Including Mental Disorders Eating Disorders

Obesity is synonymous with disease and less attractive appearance. Therefore, people who are overweight afraid to make a variety of ways to avoid obesity. However, the results often make their eating disorder.

Eating disorders (ED) occurs because someone makes weight loss the wrong way.

“The roads snapshot offered also aggravate this condition,” said dr.Grace Jew-Kahl, lifestyle and weight management observers UP Event Form Tummy Talk Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (02.19.13).

He added that many people complain about their weight down hard apparently suffered eating disorders. “Many people do not eat a boost because of hunger,” said the experienced clinicians treating patients with this weight issue.

Eating disorder consists of various types, ranging from bulimia, anorexia, compulsive overating (overeating), emotional eating (food, so escape times of stress), night eating syndrome (is wake up at night to eat), to binge (eat a lot, but I always felt guilty).

In Ppedoman disease or Mental Disorders Diagnostic and Statistical mental disorder, eating disorders are included in the mental disorder.

According to Tara Adhisti of Thouars, a psychologist at Shape Up Indonesia, most people who have eating disorders are not aware of the proper conduct of eating but are difficult to control himself.

“Eating disorder is the enemy within. Presence of eating disorders is also influenced by the character of the person concerned,” said Tara.

For example, in people who are vulnerable and unstable emotional stress have an increased risk of eating disorders.

“After eating a lot of them are off. But then I felt guilty and positive feelings help feeling that it looks,” he said.

Disturbances in certain parts of the brain that regulates emotions and self-control can also lead to a person who has an eating disorder.

Grace explained that eating disorders can not be overcome only with dietary advice alone. Kogntifi also need therapy, even drugs depends on the patient’s mental state.

Pressure Ulcers: when skin necrosis

Pressure ulcers are lesions that affect patients bedridden, naturally heal within a few months. Only one operation can accelerate healing. The decubitus ulcer is a pressure, if too hard tissue between tablet time (a bed or chair) and a bony prominence are occurring.

If zone compressed redness appears on the surface of the skin. Crushing pressure vessel into the deep. The blood watered several tissues, which eventually runs out of oxygen, as tissue hypoxia. If this continues, the tissues that need more oxygen, such as muscle and fat, die and become necrotic. Continue reading

ovarian cysts

This is a fairly common problem, and that 5% of women will develop ovarian cysts during their life.

A cyst is a mass that may be abnormal, often is a bag, the contents are liquid. There are different types of ovarian cysts. The ovary contains birth data, a number of file oocytes. Each is wound into a pouch, called a follicle. At the beginning of each cycle the ovaries causes the growth of a dozen follicles while producing estrogen. Getting on the fourteenth day of the cycle, follicles larger, more mature, will be deported to the trunk at the time of ovulation. If pregnancy does not occur, the egg is removed and the rules. Continue reading

Fight Osteoporosis with Orange Juice

Osteoporosis is known to attack 75 million people in Europe, America and Japan. The latest study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, shows the influence of the orange and grapefruit juice consumption in 36 male rats were not testesnya (orchidectomi). The results showed that lemon juice. Positively on the antioxidant capacity of serum, bone strength, and the onset of cracks in the femur

Processing conditions “castrated” in experimental animals in accordance with the conditions of the men, aged 40, whose testosterone levels treated decreased by 1% per year, which ultimately causes the muscles and bones become weak. Researchers castrated rats to test a low testosterone level and its impact on bone strength through the consumption of citrus juices. Continue reading

Children are less likely to bring Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a genetic disease caused by a deficiency of blood coagulation factors. Hemophilia A occurs when. An anomaly in the gene for the absence of coagulation factor VIII (FVII) Meanwhile hemophilia B caused by a deficiency of coagulation factor IX (FIX). Hemophilia A and B are indistinguishable, since they have similar clinical appearance and a similar pattern of inheritance of genes. The disease is not contagious, but it is difficult to cure or life. Continue reading

Threats Against Evil Cholesterol alert

Cholesterol is a fatty substance in the blood or in the cells of the body, which is really necessary for the formation of cell walls, and as a raw material for a number of hormones found, but when excessive cholesterol in the blood lead to coronary heart disease and stroke.

Cholesterol is actually formed naturally by the human body, and beyond that the rest can be obtained from foods of animal origin such as meat, poultry, fish, margarine, cheese and milk. Foods containing from plants, come to produce no cholesterol, fats, fruits, vegetables and some whole grains. Continue reading

Obese People More Easily Dehydrated

About two thirds of human body weight is water weight. But for those who are overweight or obese, total body water in the lower than normal weight people.

Because the water content in its cells of fat is less than the water content in the muscle cells, the obese person is more susceptible to dehydration. Unfortunately,although it was dehydration, but the signs are too obvious, so be careful in assessing the water situation in less obesity.

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Concentrated Urine color, Beware of Kidney Stones

Check the color of urine is small habits are important for kidney health. If you drink enough fluids, urine color will be yellow nodes. Color concentrated urine can trigger the formation of crystals so that the increased risk of kidney stones.

“Water acts as a means of removing metabolic waste, while the kidneys are functioning organ which filter blood and remove metabolic waste it. If scarcity of water, the kidneys work more serious,” said Dr. Parlindungan Siregar , Sp PD-KGH, kidney and hypertension in the Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine RSCM.

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Natural antibiotic properties of garlic

The use of plants to treat illnesses for thousands of years has been carried out by the community. Including onions. According to records, garlic has been used since3,500 years ago in the world of cooking and treatment.

Although the smell is too strong, but compared to other super foods likepomegranate wine, red or green tea, onions were far superior in the prevention and treatment of disease.

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