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Essential Nutrients for Pregnancy

Many changes and experience, both physically and emotionally, as he began to understand. You should always pay attention to programming and the type of food that you eat, as the growth and development of the fetus depends on the diet of the mother.

Some nutrients important role in fetal growth. During pregnancy, the increase in energy metabolism due to changes in the body and the developing fetus. Therefore, the need for energy and nutrients are increased. How can I add that? Not only constantly increase the amount of food that enters the body, but also think about what you eat. Continue reading

Fat Pregnancy, High Risk Complications

If you try to get pregnant, you should keep your health weight. Why? A study again found that pregnant women who are overweight (but not in the category of obesity) and risk of blood sugar levels slightly higher pregnancy complications.

According to researchers, the risk is even higher than their counterparts who are obese with normal glucose levels, or pregnant women with gestational diabetes with a normal weight.

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Beware of Hypertension in Early Pregnancy

A new study shows that women with high blood pressure (hypertension) in the earlystages of pregnancy are more likely to have babies with birth defects, whether theinfluence of drugs he was taking antihypertensive medication or not.

These findings indicate that hypertension as the main underlying cause of birth defects, while the use of antihypertensive medication in early pregnancy canincrease risk of birth defects.

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Limit Flu Drug Consumption During Pregnancy

During pregnancy a mother’s candidate should be more careful when taking the drug, including drug-free. One of the medications should be limited cold and coughmedicines.

The researchers cautioned different types of cough and cold medicines may containsubstances harmful to fetal growth. Furthermore, no studies that accurately statesthe safety of flu drugs in pregnant women.

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Before Pregnant Expectant Mother Should Nutrition Fair

Poor nutrition in pregnant women can have an impact on the health of mother and the fetus also, both in the short term or long term. Therefore, before the pregnancy a woman should have a good nutritional status.

“If pre-pregnancy maternal malnutrition during pregnancy and not repaired, the child may be born with low birth weight. In the future, the child has a variety of chronic disease risk,” said dr.Saptawati Bardosono, the Department of of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, Indonesia.

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Congenital Heart Disease Can be Detected By Ultrasound

Congenital heart disease affects about one percentof total live births, and most of them require surgery.This disease can already be detected usingultrasound since the baby was 20 weeks in the womb.

When pregnancy is diagnosed when the doctorperforms the surgery measures illness was notserious defects. Detection of congenital heart defects can also be done when the baby is born.

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Depression During Pregnancy Child Growth Inhibition

A recent study showed that babies of mothers, depressed, especially in developing countries, a 40 percent chance of underweight or stunted growth compared to those born to mothers has his spiritual good.

“Our analysis showed a positive and significant relationship between depression in pregnant women in the growth of disturbances in the developing countries,” said an analyst in the monthly bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Seven Warning Signs During Pregnancy

For some expectant mothers, a little pain lead to the generation of hazardous and emergency visits to the midwife immediately.For mothers who else the same pain sometimes ignored. They think it’s a normal phenomenon during pregnancy.

How to distinguish between symptoms that require immediate medical attention with an innocent, that a material question for you as further consultation with a gynecologist?

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