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Dismantling 4 Facts About Oral Sex

There are many variations and positions as sexual intercourse, oral sex can be one of them. Oral sex is sex with a variety stimulated through the mouth and tongue in the sexual organs or sexual partner.

There’s nothing wrong with oral sex, what more if done by mutual agreement of both parties and fun. However, before you have sex on this, it would not hurt if you know the facts behind what you have oral sex following:

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These 4 Exercises to Stimulate Libido

It is said that sport at a dose sufficient to improve and increase your energy, even doing the activity becomes increasingly warm bedroom. All this happened because of the sexual organs to function properly.

Travel health expert Dr. Sadoso Sumosardjuno, Sp.KO mention, regular physical activity may increase sympathetic nerve activity increases blood flow to the genital area.

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Dismantling 10 Myths and Facts About Male Infertility

Although we often hear about the old-old can still impregnate a woman, but the facts showed that the incidence of infertility or sterility in men is increasing. For more information about infertility in men, see the explanation of Dr. Rashmi Sharma, Consultant in fertility and in vitro fertilization at Moolchand:

1. Myth: Infertility is a women’s issue.
Fact: “. This is not true in fact, about 40 percent of infertility problems are caused by men,” said Sharma.

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Sperm Eating for Agile

Sperm quantity and agility are essential for male fertility condition. Especially for those who want offspring, sperm swim faster, and the polynomial is a prerequisite that must be met.
By recent studies, experts advise, meet two conditions, each man keeps his diet pattern. Poor eating habits such as eating fatty foods can actually interfere with fertility.

5 Factors that Make Sex More Passionate

Sexual position is not the only factor that makes sex more passionate. According to the findings of the gender of the Trojan U. S. Census, most prefer the missionary position. But sexual position is not the only determinant of passionate sex. Several other factors also determine sexual gratification.

1. Geography
Research in the United States is the data available, Americans have sex about 120 times a year. The same study states, 63 percent of respondents said that still want more sex.

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6 Conditions to Reduce Women’s Libido

Like the routine is done every day, sex can also lead to boredom, even in women. Should not be ignored because it can create marital happiness is threatened.

For women, low libido is a complex issue and is influenced by many factors. It’s no secret that a woman’s mood to like are influenced by mood. If his heart was troubled, her confidence was low, an attempt to ignite a passion for the game useless.

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Less Zinc, Liquid Sperm Can Reduce

Zinc or zinc minerals are only slightly needed by the body, 10-15mg per day. But pneting zinc plays a role in more than 30enzymatic reactions of the body to male fertility.

The prostate contains large quantities of zinc and male seminal fluid contains a few milligrams of zinc. Research shows that lowdietary zinc can reduce the seminal fluid into third. Onceejaculation, a man to release 100 micrograms of zinc.

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Bask Make Sperm Lively

The men who wanted to be a father, it is better to follow simple advice on this one. Berjemurlah regularly in the morning in order to increase intake of vitamin D naturally, while improving the quality of your fertility.

The results of recent research with 340 men in Denmark, that vitamin D micro nutrient that the body produces when exposed to sunlight can improve sperm quality showed. Sperm of men adequate vitamin D levels was actively swim to the egg.

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