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Be careful of Allergy Trigger Pads ‘vulvitis’

Practical and efficient, the slogan that often make women are tempted to choose the pills at low cost. But if this is cheap is certainly detrimental to our health is not good. As an example the case of an allergic reaction pads are experienced by Nia (a pseudonym) 18 years, adolescents who complain of marked inflammation of the vulva changes color red sores, blisters and itching (irritation) on the external genitals vagina.

Nia and anxious parents worried about their daughter had contracted a venereal disease. But apparently after being a gynecologist, was suffering from vulvitis or vulvar inflammation in the area of ​​external female genital organs due to an allergic reaction to the toilet.

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Injectable Gel Breast Rated Not Safe

Practitioners of plastic surgery in the United Kingdom welcomed the decision to stop breast injection procedure using Macrolane gel.The practice of injecting Macrolane gel to improve the breast shape is known as the “boob jobs noon” was originally arrested in the United Kingdom will begin this week.
The decision was made after reviewing the results of a survey conducted by the Association of Plastic Surgeons in the UK (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons / BAAPS). Up to 25 percent of BAAPS member states agree that the use of Macrolane injection can pose a risk of complications in patients.

Experts also warn that the gel can interfere Macrolane screening or screening for breast cancer, despite manufacturer Macrolane Q-Med says it is still under discussion. Products of the Supervisory Board of Health and Medicine in the UK (MHRA) said, injecting Macrolane can spoil the reading of the mammogram, so make diagonal be difficult to apply.

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Fat Pregnancy, High Risk Complications

If you try to get pregnant, you should keep your health weight. Why? A study again found that pregnant women who are overweight (but not in the category of obesity) and risk of blood sugar levels slightly higher pregnancy complications.

According to researchers, the risk is even higher than their counterparts who are obese with normal glucose levels, or pregnant women with gestational diabetes with a normal weight.

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Seaweed Trigger Cancer in Women

Recent studies have shown that the alga was originally the high risk of cancer in postmenopausal women. As reported by NYDaily News, an increase of thyroid cancer is related to iodine mineral found in certain seaweed.

A Japanese study showed that regular consumption of algae by women in thepostmenopausal period may increase the risk of thyroid cancer. They combine this case with the iodine content in the macrobiotic diet.

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The risk of injury due to Frequent Use “High Heels”

For some women, the shoe is not just footwear, but become a fashion statement. Therefore, with the right shoes will make the user feel more sexy and towering berpostur also higher.

But try to see the results of a study published in the Journal ofApplied Phsyology which found that women who wear high heelsfor 40 hours in a week is going to shift gears, even when heeled shoes that are not being used. Furthermore, those who like to wear high heels that experience mechanical stress on the calf muscle which reduces the efficiency of the march. It also identified the potential to cause injury.

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4 Key Steps to Slim

Obesity or overweight can not be considered a trivial problem. Obesity is closely associated with the risk of various diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which if not treated promptly, can reduce the quality of life.
According to Dr. Samuel Oetoro, SpGK, giizi of Siloam Semanggi MRCCC Hospital, Jakarta, obesity is the result of imbalance between energy intake with energy. Body Mass Index (BMI) or body mass index is recognized as the most practical method for determining the level of overweight and obesity in adults.

Beware of Hypertension in Early Pregnancy

A new study shows that women with high blood pressure (hypertension) in the earlystages of pregnancy are more likely to have babies with birth defects, whether theinfluence of drugs he was taking antihypertensive medication or not.

These findings indicate that hypertension as the main underlying cause of birth defects, while the use of antihypertensive medication in early pregnancy canincrease risk of birth defects.

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Limit Flu Drug Consumption During Pregnancy

During pregnancy a mother’s candidate should be more careful when taking the drug, including drug-free. One of the medications should be limited cold and coughmedicines.

The researchers cautioned different types of cough and cold medicines may containsubstances harmful to fetal growth. Furthermore, no studies that accurately statesthe safety of flu drugs in pregnant women.

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Before Pregnant Expectant Mother Should Nutrition Fair

Poor nutrition in pregnant women can have an impact on the health of mother and the fetus also, both in the short term or long term. Therefore, before the pregnancy a woman should have a good nutritional status.

“If pre-pregnancy maternal malnutrition during pregnancy and not repaired, the child may be born with low birth weight. In the future, the child has a variety of chronic disease risk,” said dr.Saptawati Bardosono, the Department of of Nutritional Sciences Faculty of Medicine, Indonesia.

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