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Congenital Heart Disease Can be Detected By Ultrasound

Congenital heart disease affects about one percentof total live births, and most of them require surgery.This disease can already be detected usingultrasound since the baby was 20 weeks in the womb.

When pregnancy is diagnosed when the doctorperforms the surgery measures illness was notserious defects. Detection of congenital heart defects can also be done when the baby is born.

Congenital heart disease called patent ductusarteriosus (PDA). PDAs are blood vessels andarteries from the aorta the main artery connecting thelungs from the heart.

This ship must close at the time the baby is born.Therefore, blood vessels remained open, the flow ofblood from the aorta to flow into the lungs, preventing blood flow to the lungs.

In infants, this disease could be identified from anumber of symptoms such as fatigue irritability, thereare developmental, often hot and coughing, no interference or frequent stops while feeding her to breathe. Another typical symptom is blue on top ofthe nails and tongue. However, there is anasymptomatic blue.

“About 30 percent of infants suffering fromcongenital heart surgery. It is operated onimmediately, there could also be delayed depending on the growth and development of babies,” saidTrue Son Dr.Sukman, SP.A, subspesialis pediatric cardiology Eka Hospital, Tangerang.

He explained that currently existing cramoplastysurgery for congenital heart defects, depending on the type. You do this by inserting a catheter from the groin to the heart. In the heart will be laid or a toolsuch as an umbrella to the hole in the porch cover.

The risk of babies suffering from congenital heart disease increases if the expectant mother had the habit of smoking, alcohol consumption, and has ahistory of this disease in the family.

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