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Continued celibacy Cancer Risk

Men who had been single for the elderly at home with a high riskof dying from cancer. According to a survey in Norway.
In the study by researchers at the University of Oslo analyzing thelife expectancy of cancer patients diagnosed between 1970 and2007 and compared the patient’s marital status.
The result is known mortality rate of men suffering from cancer and had never been married almost doubled, ie, 18 to 35percent, while the mortality of married men 17 to 22 percent.
The risk of death in men who are still single is higher, regardless of age, tumor location, time since diagnosis and stage of cancer.
“The difference in life expectancy in the two groups of cancer patients may be affected by the general health at the time ofdiagnosis or the type of treatment that patients with cancer,” saidAstri Syse of the Cancer Registry of Norway.
The researchers believe that the differences between marriedand unmarried men may be even higher if it included the status ofthe couples ’living together’.
“One problem with this kind of studies that exist now are peoplewho live at home without being married are included in the category of single, divorced or widow and two. As a result, are considered health benefits as married people” , said oneresearcher.

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