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Created, gray hair Prevention Pills

Apart from a balding head and thinning hair, graying hair was one of the hallmarks of aging. That is why many people trying to paintthe colors gray hair cover.
However, you do not have to worry, because the researchers of L’Oreal, the cosmetics company terkemua of France, claiming they are a way to stay in your hair its natural color found throughout the ages.
“Potion”, which in the past decade that experts consider fruit extracts that a chemical called protein tryrosine 2 or TRP-2 mimiccontains. As is known, the hair is in peak performance from onebirth to the age of 25 years. At the age of 30 years, mostly TRP-2began to decline.
Drugs that can withstand that TRP-2 in the solid body so that conditions that beautiful hair at a young age was in the form of pillsthat can be consumed every day. They also claim that the drug is a natural and harmless because it uses fruit extracts.
“One day people will take these pills as supplements. They must begin with them before your hair turns gray,” said Bruno Bernard, head of the L’Oreal Hair Biology.
He added that the new pill will be distributed in the market in 2015because it took 10 years to prove the drug works, forget the hairtakes a long time before finally turning gray.

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