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Dental care: prevention.

The most complete protection against dental diseases – prevention is literate. Therefore, we offer you a few basic rules of zahnpflege (dental hygiene).

You should brush your teeth after breakfast. And you need to always brush your teeth before bed – then they will remain clean and healthy during the day.

Use dental thread, toothpicks and special brushes. All these devices are needed to remove food debris from teeth. You can use toothpicks and brushes after eating; using the floss is desirable to clean up interdental space every night.

Do not rely on chewing gum. This will clear only the chewing surfaces of teeth, but in between the teeth cannot penetrate it. Chewing gum will never replace your toothbrush in zahnpflege.

Do not use a toothbrush made of natural bristle. There is a cavity in which it ends up disease-causing microbes. Synthetic brushes are more hygienic. For smokers, fit stiffer brushes, soft brushes to people with sensitive teeth enamel and gum disease.

Where possible, to more effectively zahnpflege get electric tooth brush – it removes plaque more carefully. But be careful with trendy ultrasonic brushes. They brush the teeth effectively, but for people with a lot of fillings and crowns, they may be too powerful.

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