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Depression During Pregnancy Child Growth Inhibition

A recent study showed that babies of mothers, depressed, especially in developing countries, a 40 percent chance of underweight or stunted growth compared to those born to mothers has his spiritual good.

“Our analysis showed a positive and significant relationship between depression in pregnant women in the growth of disturbances in the developing countries,” said an analyst in the monthly bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Even thought, the problem of poor growth in children are more severe in pregnant women who experience more severe depression. Besides the problem of depression is estimated at about 15-57 percent of pregnant women in poor countries vulnerable to conflict in marriage and domestic violence.

This analysis is based on 17 studies that looked at nearly 14,000 mothers and children in some countries such as Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. Including Brazil, India and Nigeria.

“Now we are in a critical period, after seeing the results of research in 17 developing countries. This is the first case based on the large number of cases,” says Pamela Surkan from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

According Surkan, can cause inadequate growth in childhood lead to a short growing children, poor education, decreased productivity and increased risk of disease.

“Pregnant women who have always been associated with depression are less responsive parenting. And the ability to provide breast milk will be lower and shorter,” said Surkan.

According Surkan, the depression of pregnant women in developing countries to prevent, might be misled by providing social support, home visits or group therapy, and notification of information by the common people.

One thinks very effective, and is shown to help symptoms of depression of pregnant women in some countries, including China, Jamaica, Pakistan, South Africa and Uganda to reduce.

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