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Destructive sperm cell phone radiation

The phone is ringing sound in your pocket can be a danger alarm for sperm. According to a study that found that mobile phone radiation hazards on the quality of sperm.

Some studies have shown men sperm count cell phone users have less, slow moving and damaged, compared with men who did not use the phone. But the problem is actually where you save the phone.

About two months ago from South Africa, researchers found the man who brought his cell phone on your hip or front pants pocket concentrated in the sperm swim slower and less. Both are very influential on a man’s fertility.

Recent studies on the effects of radiation, the researchers from Turkey, the issue of human sperm into the cup, the exposure to mobile phone radiation was given for an hour through out blotchy.Exposure causes to ensure that the sperm as abnormal, the difficulty of the egg.

“This research should be aware of a man who was still of childbearing age and used to put a phone in your pocket,” says Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., director of the University of California, Berkeley Center for Community Health and familiy .

Another study in mice conducted, were also alarming results. The researchers put the rats in a cage specially designed with mobile phones placed 2 inches from the floor of the cage.

Once next to the phone six hours a day for 18 weeks, the researchers found the proportion of live sperm decreased 25 percent from 70 percent previously. Besides sperm, the mice were also together, so that it can not fertilize an egg stuck.

Moskowitz said the results of this study have not reached a conclusion, because the mechanism of radiation on changes in sperm is unknown.

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