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Dry Mouth Can Damage Teeth

Dry mouth, although sometimes experienced, do not be trivialized. Because of persistent dry mouth can affect the taste of our food, and even dental health. Dry mouth can be caused by many things, but mainly is stress or medication side effects that make the production of saliva decreases. If this happens once in a while is normal, the need to look out for is dry mouth which occurs continuously due to reduced water production tongue.Every day, healthy adult produces about 1.5 liters of saliva. If the production is very little can result in dry mouth (xerostomia). Saliva in the mouth having various functions. The most obvious, saliva makes talking easy. It also helps process the food, make the process easier to swallow and helps digestion.

The minerals contained in saliva also help repair cavities in the early phase and also prevents cavities by cleaning residual food and plaque, inhibit the growth of destructive bacteria and neutralize acids in the mouth.

The first step to overcome the dry mouth is to consume enough water. Balance with oral hygiene by brushing, flossing and rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash. Note also the side effects of drugs being taken. The habit of mouth breathing can also cause dry mouth.

If dry mouth symptoms persist, consult your dentist. Salivary gland disorders, nerve damage in head injury, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease can also cause dry mouth.

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