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E-Cigarette for Free Public Smoking

Smoking is the practice of inhaling substance and smoke from burned tobacco or cannabis. The process of inhaling substances is commonly used as the way to take recreational drugs. One of the legal substances of smoking is cigarettes made from tobacco. The use of tobacco for smoking ingredients has been known since 3000 BC. The flavor and the nicotine inhaled are the most common reason for people to smoke tobacco.

The development of this practice made smoking very popular. Today, there are regulations and restriction for smoking in public places in some countries. Australia even banned any advertising, the sponsorship of tobacco and smoking products for sports, social or cultural events are also banned for tobacco and smoking products since 1992.

The regulation and restriction for smoking in public places creates the idea of E-Cigarette. It is an electrical device that creates inhaled mist that taste like the flavor and nicotine content from tobacco smoke. The device usually designed in the shape or form of regular cigarette in order to create the simulation of conventional smoking with the electric smoking device. There is no odor released and the device is intended to omit the health risk of conventional smoking especially the effects for passive smokers when smoking in public places.

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