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Easy Ways to Sharpen Thought Power

In addition to eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly cultivating, and managing stress, some minor activities can be done to sharpen the brains.
- Breathe
Inhale through your nose and bring air into the lungs. The more oxygen in the blood and brains, the brains to improve performance. Also makes you more relaxed and thinking clearly.
- Meditation
Stretch the muscles of the body for a while, let it relax. Try to sit down, close your eyes and concentrate on breathing alone. Light for 5-10 minutes of meditation can also help you prepare for the intellect to do the best job.
- Singing by sitting and you’re alone in the car, try singing. This is the easy way to train the right brain, so you can be more effective in solving problems.
- Writing
It tells how the memory of the important things, so you can easily retire in the next few days. This method is to clear your mind, exercising your creativity and analytical skills.
Writing will help drain the oxygenated blood to the brains that are responsible for memory. Messages can be in the form of diaries, journals, poems, stories, especially books, or by creating a blog.
- Laughter
Endorphins are released when you laugh, and that the levels of stress. Of course this means your health brains. Conditions than you will tend to be more open to cutting-edge ideas.
- Play
Fun with the game itself will stimulate the brains, creating new connections and new cells were unfolding everywhere. The recommended is an intellectual game that involves eye-hand coordination. One study showed that card games like solitaire, and the like may help delay dementia.
- Set the temperature
Many people may think that productive at a given temperature.Too cold or too hot can interfere with concentration. Make sure the temperature is good for you.
- Learn the language
Learn a new language can function in the brains decline associated with age hamper. This will introduce to the brains of the new concepts and new perspectives.
- Reading quickly as you are able to read faster means more and more information is contained in less time. It also sports a very good brain.
- Friends of imaginary
Chat with a character in your head to make him, a way to elicit information from your subconscious mind to be. Imagine discussing with people who know a lot as you need, such as Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking.

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