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Every 10 Minutes, One Man Died of Rabies

World Organisation for Animal Health (Office International des Epizooties / OIE) is committed to supporting the efforts of the international community to the disease hydrophobia (rabies) to eradicate the world. Viral disease transmitted from animals to humans has resulted in the deaths of nearly 55,000 people a year worldwide, including in Indonesia.
The victims, mostly children, die after a period of terrible suffering.”Every ten minutes one person dies of rabies in a place in the world. Ninety-nine percent of human cases caused by bites from infected dogs. Rabies causes more deaths in the world than any other infectious disease and mainly affects children in developing countries , “said Director General Bernard Vallat OIE in the editorial on the OIE website, welcomed the World Conference on rabies treatment 7 to 9 September 2011, in Seoul, South Korea.
OIE itself is based in Paris, France. Global Rabies Treatment Conference was organized in collaboration with OIE, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (Food and Agriculture Organization / FAO) and World Health Organization (World Health Organization / WHO) and the South Korean government. The conference was needed to bring together all parties involved in the fight against rabies in animal sources and helps to create synergy between the individual efforts.
According to the OIE, the majority of the available resources in rabies endemic countries which are currently aimed at treating people who are bitten by a dog in many cases. Most of the dogs without the owner or the owner failed responsible for animal health and animal under control.
OIE also noted that allocation of these resources for the prevention of rabies in animals and the wild dog population control would help reduce the incidence of rabies in humans and animals worldwide.
Conference in Seoul that priority will to good management decisions about the allocation of public funds or private, local, national and international response in animals that priority actions in line with the new concept of “One Health (One Health)”, namelythe concept of synergy handling animal and human diseases. The conference will also provide an opportunity for the recent success stories in terms of diagnosis, vaccination, animal population control and governance system to various stakeholders, public and private sectors will highlight.
Conference in Seoul that the recommendations will help the OIE international standards on new questions about rabies control and better coordination with its partners to reach.
This conference is open to all scientists engaged in animal and public health, representatives of the veterinary services and animal health and public sectors and human health managers from around the world and all non-governmental actors to contribute to rabies into control the world.
Rabies is caused by the rabies virus from the genus lyssavirus.Rabies virus in saliva, dogs or other carnivores. Transmission to humans occurs due to transmission through the saliva of rabid dogs that bite people are infected. Dogs infected with rabies virus usually symptoms are similar to the point would bite, spit out excess water, and fear of water.
The last case of mad dog by the OIE noted that on August 16, 2011 occurred in France. The case in France was known to spread a puppy from Morocco on August 1, 2011 without complying with the health conditions of the disease. The animals come into contact with the puppy has been identified, namely the three cats that eventually dieutanasia (lethal injection) and a dog in the surveillance. People who come into contact with dogs and their health monitored.
In Indonesia, hundreds of people deceased after being bitten by an infected dog rabies virus. Case of mad dog, for example, have even attacked on the island of Bali, since the time of the Dutch island of free thought mad dog. Two patient groups, deaths from rabies also occurs on the island of Nias, North Sumatra, in February 2011.
Flores Island is still struggling to a rabid dog Fri As reported in Kompas, Denilson Tomy Toja (2 years), patients with rabies, a resident of the Village Nitakloang, District Nita, Kabupaten Sikka, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, died at Regional General Hospital TC Hillers, Maumere, August 13, 2011 .
To raise awareness of the importance of treating the world’s best to raise rabies, the OIE conducting a World Rabies Day falling on Sept. 28.
Here are tips to prevent rabies:
1. Vaccinating a dog with rabies vaccine to the nearest vet.
2. If bitten dog wash immediately with water and immediately came to the doctor or the nearest hospital.

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