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Exercising While Pregnant, Baby Heart Healthier

Recent research shows that pregnant women give birth to a baby of her diligent healthier heart condition that pregnant women who smoke.

The team of researchers from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biological Sciences of the United States with 61 healthy women 20 to 35 years in a pilot research project in sports, pregnancy and fetal heart. Half of the respondents exercised regularly during pregnancy, either running, brisk walking or other moderate exercise at least three times a week. Some also do sports and a lot of yoga.

Meanwhile, some respondents do not exercise regularly, but still move normally. To determine the fetal heart health, respondents were asked to carry out laboratory tests during pregnancy came at week 28, 32 and 36.

Previously, a study has revealed that the fetal heart rate also increases when the mother is exercise. However Dr.Linda E. May, who conducted the study to see whether the exercise carried out long-term maternal effect on fetal heart health.

Apparently, the baby from the womb of the mother who diligently exercise has a stronger heart, even after the baby is born. ”The effect is especially seen in babies whose mothers exercise more often,” said May.

He explained that although the mother and the fetus has a heart-lung and blood are separated, but the specific hormone released when mothers exercise will be forwarded to the fetus through the placenta.

Another theory is that the intake of breath and heart rate increased when mothers exercise will be heard by the fetus that accounted for the baby’s heart. The baby’s body adapts then matching the rhythm of the heart with your heart rate.

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