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Fatty foods in the period of Youth, Period of Breast Cancer in Adults

If you’re a teenager, reduce high-fat diet from now as it may pave the way for breast cancer in the future, even if it makes you fat or overweight. Scientists at Michigan State University (MSU) has found that dietary fat during puberty increase the risk of breast cancer in adulthood.
“The period of puberty is very important, because that is when the basic framework is made for the development of mammary glands,” said Sandra Haslam Professor of physiology, director of the Breast Cancer Center and Research Environmental MSU. He added: “What we see Preliminary research in animals is that the high-fat diet during puberty may trigger the inflammatory response that can stimulate the growth of cancer in adulthood.”

In previous studies, researchers found that the hormone progesterone to activate certain genes that trigger an inflammatory response in the mammary glands. This process may play an important role in the development of breast cancer. In this study, high-fat diet during puberty are known to have effects similar to progesterone, says Sandra Haslam.

Further research is still needed. Meanwhile, that young people should see the results of this study very seriously. Never too young to keep your diet to stay healthy and balanced. French fries, pizza, ice cream, sausages, cheese, soup, brisket and lamb satay is delicious food, but reduce the portions and frequency. Eat more vegetables, fruits, poultry and fish.

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