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Fish Oil Inhibition Chemotherapy

Fatty acids in fish oil supplements are known tointerfere with the work of the chemotherapy against tumors. Therefore cancer patients are advised to consult with a physician about the use of suchsupplements.

Fish oil supplements rich in omega-known compounds 3 fatty acids and omega-6 and a verygood heart health. But scientists from the Netherlands said that fish oil supplementation could potentially reduce the efficacy of chemotherapy.
“Pending the outcome of further research, we are not the consumption of fish oil supplementation is recommended for patients undergoing chemotherapy,” said

Professor Emile Voest,oncologists from Netherlands University MedicalCenter Utrecht, as published in the journal CancerCell.

In the study conducted by Voest, a type of chemotherapy called cisplatin and is often used forlung, ovarian, testicular and bladder treatment, cannot work due to the influence of platinum-inducedfatty acid (PIFA). These fatty acids are produced bystem cells in the blood and also in fish oilsupplements.

Research on mice suffering from a tumor under theskin shows the injected animals by fatty acids and iscalled “natural levels” to be insensitive tochemotherapy. These cells produce two types of fatty acids called PIFA KHT and 16:4 (n-3). These fatty acids cause chemical reactions which thenmakes the cancer cells become resistant tochemotherapy.

“Resistance to chemotherapy is serious stuff. Now that we have seen that the body produces protectivesubstances in the blood is strong to the effects ofchemotherapy. The substance is found in oily fish,”he said.

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