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Five Uses Baking Soda

Baking soda is not just a cake or powder developer of tooth whitening. Baking soda also has several other benefits that have nothing to do with food. This utility:

1. Eliminates odors on your hands
Out grinding of turmeric, eating a dish with chili paste, or other activities that make your hands smell? Do not worry. Baking soda to dispel the strong odor.

How: Take the taste of baking soda. Moisten with water, then rub on all hands for 30 seconds. Then rinse with water.

2. Remove stains from rain on the windshield
Sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the acidity is caused by rainwater. Old (point) of rain on the windshield or window must be very boring.

How: No need to use a special cleaning fluid. Just create a solution of baking soda. Dip a cloth in the solution, rub the stained fabric.

3. Cleaning comb
Toothed comb meetings are difficult to clean. To clean, mix 1 / 2 cup of baking soda in warm water, then soak the comb in the bowl for 15 minutes.

This method is effective in removing the fat remaining in the comb due to hair gel, oil, serum, and the rest of cream hair moisturizer.

4. Remove grease in the kitchen
Sticky oil stains on the walls deep fryer, stove and kitchen, if not continue to accumulate and more difficult to clean.

To clean, prepare a thick solution of baking soda, use a sponge or cloth (dry, without contact with the fluid) to rub the baking soda on the fat.

5. Remove the top layer of dead skin
You want to have shiny skin? It’s easy, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with water. Make up the solution has a viscosity similar to soap to wash my face. Rub on the face for 30 seconds (like when you use dish soap to the face). Rinse, and give a moisturizer.


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