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Food intruder Calcium

Bone density can be improved with a specific food source, unfortunately the body’s ability to absorb calcium is often disturbed by some of our food and create.

Salty foods Foods containing salt is too high can cause the calcium in the body reduces bone density decreases participate. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, USA. Avoid foods that contain more than 20 percent of salt, like canned goods, potato chips and frozen foods.

Sources contain high oxalate content of foods will interfere with the absorption of calcium oxalate. Oxalates or oxalic acid found in some plant species such as leafy greens, spinach, and various types of nuts.

Most people in the alcohol and caffeine that alcoholics have low bone density due to the custom of drinking alcohol can reduce the storage of calcium by the body. Similarly, caffeine drinks like tea or coffee that interfere with calcium absorption. So those who like coffee or tea is recommended to increase calcium intake.

Fast content foods high in fat, high sodium and sugar in fast food can lead to decreased bone density. Moreover, people eating ready meals, most drinks. When this custom is from the teens, the risk of reduced bone mass in adulthood occur more quickly.

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