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For the Brain, Limit 5 Foods It

Malnutrition not only makes us more susceptible to cardiovascular disease, skin wrinkling, but also more rapid decline in brain function.

This was evident in the United States, in an area known as the “stroke belt” because of the high incidence of stroke in the area.Apparently, residents in the region of the stroke belt is also much to be suffering from dementia.

In fact, dementia is characterized by dementia, many factors.However, lifestyle factors such as lack of exercise, high consumption of bad fats also contribute to memory impairment.

A new study that compares between healthy people and people suffering from cognitive disorders were found, those who ate foods high in saturated fat (up to 25 percent of their diet) and mengasup carbohydrate, higher risk dementia.

Of course you want to enjoy old age in a healthy and comfortable, with no disease infestation. To do this, start keeping your diet to avoid these foods, for the sake of a healthy brain.

1. Trans fats

Trans fats not only alters the metabolic processes in the body but can also accelerate the process of hardening of the arteries leading to heart disease. In the brain, foods that contain trans fats cause inflammation and reduced oxygen supply.

2. Saturated fat

Foods containing saturated fat is delicious, but in the long run, these foods cause the formation of plaque in blood vessels and cause inflammation. When this narrowing occurs in the arteries that bring blood into the brain may occur with dementia.

3. Added sugar

Food and drinks will be full of extra sugar will cause the proteins in the body is not functioning perfectly. Another effect is to accelerate the aging of the arterial system, as well as to high insulin levels. Limit your sugar intake no more than 4 grams per serving.

4. Syrup

All kinds of syrup, sugar, but also cause dysfunction of the protein, lead to obesity and metabolic syndrome. Instead, choose natural materials that can provide a sweet taste.

5. Simple carbohydrates

There are many types of carbohydrates, but most of Indonesia, who feels incomplete without rice is consumed even though I was eating pizza or a bowl of noodles. We recommend that you limit your intake of simple carbohydrates and replace them with fiber-rich complex carbohydrates. In addition to providing a feeling of satiety and these foods to keep blood sugar levels remain normal.

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