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A couple of days ago, I received a phone call from my college girlfriend. She’s finally tying the knot, and I was really happy for her. Who would have thought, the studious, uptight young woman is finally head over heels in love and can’t wait to get married. I certainly never thought of that. I’ve always known her as someone who is quite anti-social and selective when it comes to socializing. Who would have known that she would eventually find love?

Anyway, my friend is marrying quite a wealthy man, and her wedding reception will be hosted in quite a luxurious location. The guests are required to dress up quite a bit. Now, that’s quite a headache. When it comes to dressing up, I’m completely hopeless.

You see, I’m a woman who wears mismatch clothing all the time, and not to mention that my hair looks like something that comes out from Twilight Zone. Frankly speaking, I think I look horrid, and if I were to attend my friend’s wedding reception, I ought to get some help for a makeover.I don’t want to look awkward at her wedding reception, especially with so many classy and materialistic people around. I want to look gorgeous and fabulous if not glamor.

There’s plenty of hair salon around, but I heard gainesville hair stylists is one of the best around. I was told that they not only provide wonderful hair styling services and treatments, but they can also create miracle. And miracle is just the thing that I need right at the moment. I doubt any ordinary stylist could tame my wild, unruly hair.

I suppose I ought to make appointment with haile village spa and salon soon before they’re all booked up. I hate just walking into a spa and having to wait for a long period of time to be attended to.

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