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Gonorrhea Treated More Difficult

Gonorrhea is a disease transmitted by sexual contact. When left untreated, acute infection can become chronic and spread to other organs. Unfortunately, antibiotics are now increasingly insensitive to combat the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhea causes gonnorrhoeae.

The doctors in the United Kingdom claim that Bianya antibiotic used to treat gonorrhea gonorrhea or is no longer effective because the bacterium Neisseria is increasingly immune. The experts are now calling even gotten to the point of this disease can not be cured, at least until new drugs are found.

In fact, if left untreated gonorrhea can lead to epididymitis in males. As in women, the disease spread to the uterus and ovaries channels, resulting in pelvic inflammatory. His own pelvic inflammatory disease can cause infertility.
For now, health experts recommend that doctors stop using the conventional treatment with antibiotics cefixime and replace it with two powerful antibiotics, with a pill and only through injections. This action was carried out because of the increasing bacterial resistance.

In the laboratory studies have shown the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae, has the unusual ability to adapt and become resistant to certain antibiotics, including penicillin, tetrasilin, ciprofloxacin and cefixime now.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the first line antibiotic therapy should be replaced if the patient’s recovery is not reached 5 percent.

Prof.Cathy Ison, gonorrhea experts from Britain, said the results in the lab showed a dramatic decrease in the sensitivity of a drug often used to treat gonorrhea.

“We are very concerned with this result, because it should be made of the recommendations in the treatment of gonorrhea new guidelines for the use of new, more effective drugs,” he said.

Still, he adds that it can not solve the problem. ”History has shown that drug resistance will occur. Because there are no alternative therapies exist, we have a situation where gonorrhea is not treated,” he added.

He claimed, now you can do is take reasonable precautions by practicing safe sex. ”If a new drug can not be found, how can we do to control this infection is prevention,” he said.

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