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Grape Seed Potentially Killing Cancer Cells

Grape seed properties investigated many health lately. One ofthe newest is its ability to deal with skin cancer and prevent blindness. Not only that, more recent research shows even thegrape seed extract can kill cancer cells in the neck and head. The findings are published in the journal Carcinogenesis.

The advantages of grape seed extract is only kills cancer cells without affecting healthy cells. ”The effect is quite dramatic,” saidRajesh Agarwal, PhD, a researcher at the University of ColoradoCancer Center and professor of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Skaggs.

However, more Agarwal, the effectiveness of grape seed extractstill depends on the ability of healthy cells to survive damage.”Cancer cells spread very quickly. But there are conditions under which it can not grow, so that cancer cells to die,” he said.

According to Agarwal, Grape seed extract may create unfavorable conditions for cancer cells as it inhibits the growth ofcancer cells.

Agarwal hoped that these findings are further developed intoclinical trials. He said that this research has the potential to complement second-line therapy in the treatment of head and neck cancer.

The head and neck cancer (cancer outside the brain, eyes and spinal cord) appeared at an average age of 59. Causes of head and neck cancer is usually caused by chewing snuff, drinkinghabits alkhol. Eighty-five percent of head and neck cancerassociated with consumption of snuff.

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