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Health Signals from skin, mouth and eyes

There are many changes in the body that can never be aware of. In fact, change is possible is very important to know because it may indicate symptoms of disease.

Some members of the body that can be monitored with ease every day of what is the skin, hair, eyes or nails. Variations of these members can effectively provide information about your health.

Here are some changes that can be used as evidence of the existence of a health problem:

1. Mouth
- Language Color white surface: The language that suddenly surface to the white color means you have a yeast infection – fungal species oral (mouth), according to Dr. Bruce Robinson of the American Academy of Dermatology.

The mouth has a role in maintaining the balance of good bacteria, but when a foreign object, such as antibiotics, in the mouth, the bacteria become grown out of control, covering the surface of the tongue. Antifungal drugs can be used to remove the white surface, but if they do not disappear, consult a physician.

- Inflammation of the gums: When the gums are inflamed, then you go to a dental clinic, dentist at the clinic can be the first to know if you are pregnant. ”Swollen gums is one of the side effects of the first appearance of the hormonal changes of pregnancy,” said Sassan Rastegar, a dentist in New York.

- Cracked corner of mouth (injury): According to Dr. Wilma Bergfeld, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic, if the corners of the mouth, causing sores developing cracks, it indicates that you are deficient in vitamin A and B - especially B2, B6 and folic acid – can cause the skin around the corners of the mouth becomes dry and sensitive that arise when cracks at the tip of your lips.Suggestions to overcome them, according to Dr. Vandana Y.Bhide, an internal medicine specialist, is to increase consumption of foods such as green vegetables and watermelons.

2. Eyes
- Loss of natural hair eyebrows: If this happens, there may be problems with the thyroid resulting in insufficient hormone production. United States, more than 27 000 people have a thyroid disorder, and 8 out of 10 sufferers are women. Appropriate treatment is necessary so that patients are able to produce hormones as usual – and of course reverse the eyebrow flash.

- Dark circles under the eyes: dr. Jennifer wide, M. D of the Society for Research in Women’s Health said it took place because of allergies. Nasal congestion caused by allergies, can dilate blood vessels and darken around the eyes and nose. As you already know the cause and then treat allergies, dark circles under your eyes will disappear.

3. Skin
- Brown spots on the skin: No panic if you feel suddenly appeared brown spots on the skin. Because, according to dr. Dina D.Strachan, a New York dermatologist, it could be a “melasma”, a condition, benign, which is often associated with contraceptive use.Doctors do not know why some birth control pills can cause brown spots on the head, cheek or upper lip, be careful with exposure to UV light, being able mebuat brown spots are getting worse.

- Small bump Color Yellow experts in internal medicine at New York, dr. Svetlana Kogan said that the emergence of small yellow lumps in your body is caused by deposits of fat high cholesterol.These small bumps may appear yellowish anywhere, but occurs most often in the knees, elbows, hands and feet.

- Rash on the buttocks The emergence of a rash on the buttocks is celiac disease, caused by food containing gluten (gluten). Celiac disease provides a red itchy rash or blisters on the buttocks, but in the buttocks, skin rashes and blisters also occur on the elbows and knees.

4. Nails
- Brittle nails According to dr. Andrea Cambio, a dermatologist in Florida, the fragility of the nails may indicate a lack of an individual of essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D and zinc. By not using nail polish coupled with a balanced diet or soak your nails for five minutes at night before going tough with alpha-hydroxy cream could reverse the beauty of your nails.

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