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Looking at the actions of a style child, innocent, spontaneous, full of curiosity and invite a sense of nostalgia. Especially if the baby had no food mengasup difficulty. How wonderful!

He did not even rule out the possibility that your son has a frequency and excessive consumption of food, can make the body larger than their peers. While cute chubby kid, but it keeps the potential obesity-prone diseases.

Fat within reasonable limits the size of body mass index (BMI), which normally would not be a problem. However, if your child has exceeded the value of BMI above 25-30, provided that parents should be observed.

Instead, seek status of your child, your child’s doctor as soon as possible. At least under the care of a doctor, your child can receive appropriate treatment to help reduce body weight, reaching a normal body weight.

This process is set out is not easy, karean process takes patience and time. Therefore, direct and manage feeding your child with complete sincerity.

Base Pronsip allows your baby regardless of the problem of obesity is to provide a supply of healthy foods and increase the amount of physical activity. As a parent, you can decide which food is processed and consumed the little guy. It can be as follows:

Involve your child in choosing the store while shopping. Encourage your child to pick fruits and vegetables as food ingredients, as well as low-fat snacks. Avoid selecting foods that contain lots of sweeteners and note the content of nutrients in these snacks.

A time to eat your time with your baby at the dinner table every day.The experience is told today, the latest information, and asked the child what is experienced today in school and at home, it would be nice. In addition to making the atmosphere more friendly and communicative, eating together can help your child maakn faster and more complete, because the focus on these talk shows.

When going to a fast food restaurant, you should take over to determine what the appropriate menu for children who are obese.

In the meantime, to help increase physical activity for babies, a time to your time in a week to practice together. In addition, Monday through Friday, to limit the activities of your children watch TV at least 2 hours per day maximum. Give your child a chance for you to select one or outdoor sport ditekuninya. Some of these means, DAPT help your child about the problem of obesity.

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