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History behind Card Games

Many people love to play cards in their spare time. Even, people are using card for sport like bridge.  However, are there many people recognize the history behind card games? I bet not, not many people know the beginning of card games. Although card games has been existed since so many years behind. The history behind it is never become familiar.

It is believed that card games are found in the East Asia in 12th century. During the time, so many card games have been developed. Most of them actually are similar. It is often that the different is just on one rule. Basically, card games genre are divided into several terms. First is depositing games. This is the term that used when the games is about to draw card and put it down as fast as possible. The second is random games. This is used when the games is about tricks using cards. Later is collecting games. This is where the games are merely about collecting cards.  The last and most popular one is landing games. This is used for the games that using card combinations. The popular example is any gambling card games. There are so many other details behind this card games. If you want to know, is the best site to go to learn all the details and information regarding this card games.

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