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How Much We Use Brain?

This basis, just one ounce of brains! Such nagging sometimes asked someone angry face stupidity of others. In fact, according to the results of the study at Virginia Commonwealth University, as quoted by the journal Intelligence, brain size has nothing to do with intelligence. And probably no one really has an ounce of brains. Normal human brains in the range of 1.15 to 1.42 kg, approximately the size of an orange (grapefruit).

Big brains is generally in the hands of the people in the Antarctic area as needed for visual function. Understandably, in the northern hemisphere at the end of a visit is just a bit of sun, so the weather tends to dim. That’s why they need more visibility than we have at the equator, so I could look around.

While the inhabitants of Micronesia region are relatively small brains, but certainly not an ounce. Women have smaller brains than men, 11-12 percent, but that does not mean that men are more intelligent.

“Only the brains of several buildings. Areas of the brains associated with intelligence in men with different areas of the brains associated with intelligence in women. There are at least two different brains architectures that lead to the same level of intelligence between men and women,” said Prof.. Richard Haier, a consultant neuroscience at the University of California, Irvine.

Need lots of energy
Another misconception that were distributed for decades is the view that most of us just use your brains about 10 percent.Another important part remains inactive assumption was later disputed by some experts, including Barry Gordon, a neurologist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, USA.

“The evidence shows, the day we have the brains to use 100 percent,” added John Henley, the brains of experts at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

In fact, when we sleep, he explained, frontal cortex areas with high level thinking and self-awareness, or somato sensory area that helps us to feel about control, remain active.

He stated that at one time is no more than 10 percent of the brains that we use every day but all parts of our brains functioned.So no one was allowed to remain unemployed.

Reminded that each part of the brains of their respective functions, such as the frontal lobe in relation to motor, memory, cognition and language, are then responsible for studying the cerebral cortex of new information, decisions, etc..

If every time we use every part of the brains at the same time it will take a lot of body energy. Most of the energy of our body, about 20 percent, is for a normal brain. That means that we lack the energy to walk, breathe, eat, digest food and other essential activities.

Thousand Tera
Physically, our brain is a soft organ, usually composed of water (78 percent), fat (10 percent) and protein (8 percent). Beyond the physical aspects, in fact, many scientists are only able to get a bit of mystery that surrounds the brains to uncover. Up to now not clearly known about the dreams, the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious, the relationship between brains and spirit, soul and brains, and many other things, like how much brain power.

In this era of computing our brains is often compared to the “brain” that in fact the computer was a human creation. In our brains there are about 100 billion nerve cells (neurons). Between the nerve cells that have a connection. Experts suspect that many compounds containing the data (memory) is saved. It is estimated that our brains are capable of storing terabytes of data between 1000-1000.

Regardless of the size of our brains, most importantly we love Him by keeping a healthy diet, regular exercise, use it only for the positive and good for others, even when tired mengistirahatkannya. Like muscles, brains can be achieved and the need to relax, especially if the need for the same task to focus on the long term.

To a weary brains, Dr. revive. Marc Berman suggested for a moment the streets in a city park between the trees big or small, looking at the beautiful green garden, instead of a busy shopping center.

“Enjoy the natural beauty of memory will improve performance by up to 20 percent. Instead, go to crowded places instead it will add to the anxiety,” said researchers at the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto, Canada.

Well, can the brains is cloudy, a fresh look natural, so fresh and working more effectively and productively.

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