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How to Raise Weight Loss

While many people complain of excess weight, some of you might not like, because they feel less weight. However, they complain that you weigh less, please note that each person has a balance of weight is different. Some people are naturally thin body as a balance of low weight. Although not limiting food, weight will never walk. If you belong to that group, the problem is not your weight, but your perception about it. In terms of health, their conditions are rare, and are actually profitable in a lower risk of heart disease and other health problems like diabetes.
New problems arise when the body is very thin (BMI less than 18).In addition to making less confident, too thin can increase your risk of osteoporosis, fertility disorders, weakened immune system and cause other health problems. The body is very thin is usually caused by:

  • Significant weight-loss due to illness, anorexia, depression, etc.
  • Poor life style as overwork, smoking a lot and taking drugs.
  • “Poor nutrition due to diet, ignoring food, or poverty.

How do I gain weight?

If your weight is too low and wanted to increase, these tips may help:

1. Increase your intake of calories
To lift the weight, calorie intake must be greater than the number of calories you burn. The number of calories you burn on a day which is the number of calories the body needs for basic processes such as breathing, blood circulation, repair and cell activity, and calories burned during physical activity. Tingkatkanlah your calorie intake by:

Adding healthy fats in your diet. Examples of sources of healthy fats are avocados, olives, nuts and fish oil. Remember that healthy fatty foods such as lamb kebabs, meat, ice cream, etc. are not yet in excess, even if they are skinny. Bad cholesterol in these foods are bad for you.
Drinking juice or milk instead of water.
Eat four meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Get a more complete breakfast with rice, vegetables, and fruit dishes.
Snacking more, especially if you have trouble eating large meals.
The choice of a calorie-dense foods, ie more calories in smaller volumes.

2. Make physical activity
Exercise can increase weight by increasing muscle mass. As a result, your body is fuller, healthier and more beautiful. If you are lack of exercise, weight gain is obtained from the addition of fat mass, which makes your body more susceptible to disease and less beautiful. Furthermore, sport is an appetite stimulant. To gain weight, select the type of sports fitness, rather than endurance exercise (resistance).

3. Improve your mental health
Mix with people who are humor and optimism. Humor and the spirit that makes you love life better. Enjoy his antics, even included jokes about her body is thin. Many laughed increase your appetite!

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