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Many parents have struggled to convince their kids to eat vegetables. In fact, the solution is simple, start to introduce the flavor of the vegetables on the fetus, while in the womb.

Children can actually recognize the taste of food when it is in the womb because their mothers what to eat will come to her fetus.Therefore, pregnant women should eat fruits and vegetables carefully so that after the baby is born, it was used.

A study published in the journal Pediatrics found that the taste of food can be introduced from mother to baby through the amniotic fluid in the fetus.
“Taste like a vanilla, carrots, garlic, fennel, mint and a couple of flavors that have been shown to be transmitted through amniotic fluid or breast milk,” says Julie Mennella, a researcher Chemical Senses Center Monella.

To test this theory, the researchers gave the garlic and sugar in the form of capsules for pregnant women, before taking a sample of amniotic fluid. Later, the researchers asked some people to smell the samples of amniotic fluid.
“You can easily choose the samples from women who ate garlic,” says Mennella.
This study shows unborn babies could feel the same because 90 percent of what we hear comes from the sense of smell.

In addition, the researchers found that pregnant women were divided into three groups to determine if children can remember the taste of a food.

In the first group, pregnant women were asked to drink carrot juice every day during pregnancy. The second group was asked to drink carrot juice during lactation, and the third group did not consume carrot juice at all.

Later, when the child begins to eat solid foods, the researchers gave them the cereal based food carrot juice. The result, a group of children who get the carrot intake on the fetus while continuing to eat more cereal flavor of carrots.

Meanwhile, Linda Bartoshuk, a researcher at the University of Florida, Mennella said the study could have broad implications for the health of children.

“To what extent we can make a child eat a healthy diet with the introduction of all the right flavors, such as broccoli, carrots and peanuts. We can do this? My guess is that we can,” he said.

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