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Large Breast Cancer More Vulnerable?

Large breasts could actually lead to many health problems including cancer risk. Big breasts is a factor of a person’s risk ofbreast cancer.

According dr.Saptadi Wedding Basuki, Sp.B.Onk, the largerbreast size, the larger the breast tissue that is owned. ”For large networks, this means that their cells are more. As you know, when these cells have a genetic mutation could mutate into cancer cells,” he said on the sidelines of the seminar the key to early detection of breast cancer prevention and treatment of GEIndonesia in Jakarta (10/21/11).

Still, breast cancer can be influenced by several factors that arise. ”Until now not known for sure what causes cancer,” addedthe doctor who was president of the association of surgicaloncology branch of DKI Jakarta.
He explains, there are two factors that determine breast cancer,that is, external factors, such as chemicals, radiation, ultravioletlight or carcinogens. Although it is an error factor of internalrearrangement in the cell and the failure of the body repair itself.

Other risk factors that affect when a history of mother or sisterwith breast cancer in the family. The risk of breast cancer also increases with age. One study found that overweight women at increased risk of breast cancer at the age of menopause.

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