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Natural Beauty refers

Skin integration

and hair care products are loaded with many chemicals, the more it will return the idea of ​​natural beauty. Refers to the practice of natural beauty using only organic ingredients for skin and hair.

We have some tips when choosing a beauty product natural skin hair sketch smooth and radiant and healthy …

Facial Cleanser:
The face is often more sensitive than the skin around the body faces treated with special care. With a smooth skin and clear after cleaning agent that dry skin is not too hard. Castile soap or glycerin two work very well for cleaning the face, robbed, without much needed moisture. Castile soap soap, olive oil, while the glycerin is a type of soap for sensitive skin. Two types of soap can be done at home.

It exfoliation.
Add exfoliation to your daily skin care can help your skin glow and vitality of the tearing of the top layer of the cornea of ​​oxygen and block sunlight to the skin under the dull sound. Peeling before cleaning is not necessary to strip this layer, and of course give you a glowing skin. find a selection of scrubs, for one, which consists mainly of natural materials. Taste the beans and rub between the fingers. Consistency should be rough and uneven particles without sharp that could scratch the skin. You really can make your own scrub with papaya and a few ingredients that you usually find at home: face masks to skin a bright papaya

Keep your sunscreen protected skin against the sun’s harmful rays. Direct sunlight can burn the skin pigmentation in some areas, causing age spots and unsightly white spots. There are now plenty of sunscreen natural sunscreen available, chemicals and minerals. Choose a mineral base, because it is gentler on the skin and cause fewer allergic reactions. Agent is based on finding a mineral sunscreen: zinc oxide and titanium oxide.

Important to shampoo to shampoo your hair clean and healthy.However, most shampoos on the market of oil and chemicals can be linked to cancer and other health problems. Avoid ingredients like BHA and parabens. Choose a shampoo with botanical ingredients and essential oils. You can also wash the beauty of its own herbs to balance the natural pH of your hair restoration

Hair color. This
natural hair color is also available as a healthy alternative to chemical dyes. Choose the brand used, the color of the hair extracts of vegetables, herbs and spices, with a minimum of chemicals. These marks generally do not contain ammonia, peroxide and PPD (p-phenylenediamine) have caused allergic reactions in some people.

part of an alternative chemical-based natural beauty products, always check the label natural ingredients. Organic beauty products and alternative home is a great way for you to use in your beauty treatment for skin care on a daily hair smooth, radiant and healthy.

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