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Neck Pain Often Suffered Mobile Users

A new health problems suffered by the neck or the “text neck” more and more experienced the duration of using a smart phone or tablet PC.

Conditions that interfere with, among others caused by the attitude of the neck and head forward and down are interested in a long time, resulting in stretching of the neck.

According to the experts or expert chripractic spinal correction, if these conditions are left can cause permanent damage caused by arthritis of the neck position disturbs the natural arch.

Rachael Lancaster, a chiropractor from Freedom Back Clinics confessed that he had done thousands of therapy for patients suffering from “text neck”. ”Most patients complain of headache, pain in the shoulder, hand and arm,” he said.

He stated that the situation occurs because the muscles and joints in the neck was not designed to withstand stretching in a long time. Imposing this condition will lead to muscle and joint stress.

Neck as a buffer head at all times should carrying a human head weighs an average of 4.5 to 5.5 kg. When we are in the position of the neck stretched too long, then the load is supported on the neck worse.

According to Tim Hutchful, of the British Association Chriopractic, children are the group most vulnerable in the neck, because their head size ratio is greater than its size. In addition, women who have a slender neck should be more careful to maintain his position.

In severe cases, sometimes the muscles to adapt to the extended position, so the current will cause pain when in upright position.

“Suppose we sat down and folded his legs for 10 minutes. This can lead to stiff muscles and sore when the weather straightened. The same happened in the neck when we are busy fiddling with the phone,” he said.

To prevent this, Lancaster suggested we take a break every few minutes while using a mobile phone or a tablet. Additionally, stretch your head, neck and shoulders on a regular basis. To maintain the correct posture, the position of the phone screen is slightly higher in reading.

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